Tony Ferguson Speaks Out About Unexpected Withdrawal From UFC 223 Title Fight

Tony Ferguson has spoken out for the first time on social media about the bombshell news that he won’t be able to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov this coming weekend at UFC 223 due to a freak knee injury he suffered while doing a media tour at FOX on Friday.

”Words can’t explain how hurt, frustrated, angry, and in disbelief I am right now,” Ferguson wrote on Instagram. “As I was completing my UFC pre-fight media obligations on Friday I had an accident on a studio set that tore a ligament in my knee. My doctor and the UFC doctor both said I can’t fight and one is saying I need surgery, so I will see a specialist to make the final determination on how I can heal up and get back in there to defend my belt ASAP.

”I want to apologize to all the fans, the UFC, Khabib, my teammates, my coaches, my friends, and most importantly my family. Happy Easter to everyone out there, I believe there is a silver lining in this nightmare of a reality, because this isn’t an April Fools. Good health and blessings to you all.”

Meanwhile, Nurmagomedov has also given his thoughts on the matter, directing them squarely at his rival.

“Tony heal up man,” Nurmagomedov wrote to Ferguson on Instagram. “Just want to advise you, don’t talk too much anymore. Lot of thoughts in my head right now, but I don’t want to become like you. Hope, this lesson will teach you watch your mouth.

With Ferguson ruled out of the fight, featherweight champion Max Holloway has now stepped in to replace him against Nurmagomedov on just a weeks notice for the lightweight title.


  1. Khabib is 100% right.
    If you listen to the media call between them, Tony was acting like injuries are just excuses. Now what.


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