Tony Martin Defeats Jake Matthews By Submission In Third Round At UFC Fight Night 142

This was a closely contested fight at UFC Fight Night 142 with Jake Matthews dropping Tony Martin in the first round as he threw caution to the wind with strikes, but his output slowed later in the fight and Martin eventually took him to the mat and put him to sleep with an anaconda choke in the final round.

Round One:

Leg kick for Martin. Right hook for Matthews. Overhand right almost lands for Matthews. One-two for the Aussie. Now a right hand gets through.

Low leg kick for Martin and punches in return from Matthews. Now a one-two from Martin. Low leg kick for him. Now a leg kick for Matthews.

Head kick attempt from Martin gets close. Leg kick for Matthews. Left hand for Martin, body punch for Matthews. Low leg kick again from Martin.

Overhand left gets through for Matthews. Now another connects. Matthews being extremely aggressive now and wades in with more punches and a right hand lands flush and rocks Martin, sending him to the canvas.

Immediately Matthews goes to ground with a guillotine choke, but Martin maintains his composure and is able to get free from that and settle on top.

Nice bridge and reversal from Matthews though and he ends up on top in the final moments of the round.

Round Two:

Leg kick from Matthews. Lunging right hand from Matthews. left-right for him. Now a thumping overhand right connects. He leaps into a knee as his confidence grows.

Martin with a right hand. Now a kick upstairs that’s blocked. Matthews with a body kick. Jab for Martin. now a one-two.

Another head kick attempt from Martin is blocked. Martin doubles the jab. Low kicks for him. Oblique kick for Matthews. Martin ducks under some strikes.

Bit of a lull in the action, then Martin lands that low kick again. In close they go and Martin lands a few uppercuts and Matthews responds with a knee.

Martin connects with a step-away hook as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Straight back to the low kick for Martin. Matthews with a body kick. Head kick for Martin comes close. Again with the calf kick and Matthews stumbles into a takedown attempt.

As he goes to his knees Martin goes to his back then spots an opportunity to go for an anaconda choke and sinks it in tight. Matthews quickly appears to go limp and the referee moves in to check on him and confirms he’s out cold! Martin get the submission victory with 1.19mins on the clock in the third and final round.

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