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Tyron Woodley Sends Out Warning To Middleweight Division

Tyron Woodley may be the current king of the welterweight division, but it seems as if he may be contemplating a move up to middleweight before the year is over.

“People in the middleweight [division], they need to watch out too,” Woodley told Ariel Helwani on Monday. “I might slide up on one of y’all by the end of the year. Wipe out the division clean at welterweight and go up there and either beat (Kelvin) Gastelum up again or take out Robert Whittaker. They are both welterweights anyways. They just don’t know how to cut weight.”

First things first though and Woodley has a fight with Kamaru Usman booked at 170lbs, but it’s not a match-up he appears to be concerned about.

“Kamaru Usman? He’s not ready for me yet,”
Woodley said. “He’s not mature enough in the sport yet to be able to withstand what I’m going to bring at him.

“What’s Kamaru going to do, take me down? He’s going to out-strike me? He’s going to punch harder than me? He’s going to out-strategize me with fight IQ? He’s a version of myself five years ago.”

Woodley has already indicated that if all goes well he’d like to fight Colby Covington after that, which could then lead to a move up to 185lbs before the end of 2019.

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