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UFC Fighter Andrea Lee’s Partner Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Her

UFC fighter Andrea ‘KGB’ Lee’s husband and coach Donny Aaron has been arrested after an allegation that he assaulted her at their home on Saturday, August 4th.

The allegation came from fellow fighter Andy Nyugen, who also was at the residence and is Lee’s best friend, and his account of the events that took place that night are disturbing, claiming that Aaron had tried to burn a cigarette on her body and later she fled the house to escape him.

This isn’t the first time that Aaron has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, as just a few months ago it emerged that he has Nazi tattoos on his arms and had previously been to prison for negligent homicide with a firearm.

At the time, Lee has stood by her husband and claimed that he was a reformed character, but Nyugen’s allegations suggest otherwise, as you can read in full below from his official police report.

“I’m in the bedroom, I’m trying to sleep, in their house,” Nyugen told the police. “I can hear them complaining about how Mighty Mouse got robbed. Now the fights were done. I hear Donny yelling down. I sat up in the bed and I’m like ‘what the hell is going on?’ I get a text message from Donny’s mom asking if she needed to come over there. I was like ‘no.’ Then I hear more yelling, he’s cussing her out. So I opened my door and she (Andrea) runs into her daughter’s room. Donny is trying to burn a cigarette on her arm and her body. She’s yelling to stop trying to burn her. Donny’s dad is the only one helping me. His dad is like 70 or 80 years old. There’s another guy named Kendrick there who is this big strong guy, who wouldn’t get out of his room to help me. He put on his headphones and was like ‘this happens all the time.’ He just tuned it out.

“At the time I was not in shock that it was happening, I was just panicking. I ran back into my room and text his mom and said ‘ I do not want to call the cops. Can you come here?’ This was at about 1:30 a.m. (now August 5). I fell back asleep. I wake up at 4:30 a.m. I still here Donny. At 4:30 his mom and dad had left. I turn on my lights and open door so Donny knows I’m awake. Usually he does crazy stuff behind closed doors. I went to the kitchen. I hear them bickering. Then it got quiet. I thought maybe they were done. Then all of a sudden I heard a grunt and the dog was in the kennel and started barking. I can hear her saying “stop, stop.” I opened up the door and was like “Donny, leave her alone.” He looked like he was lost. He hadn’t slept in two days. He was drinking for two fucking days straight. I don’t know what he is on. I’m backing up as he is coming towards me. Andrea was buttoning up her shorts and she was barefoot and ran out the back door.

“Then Donny was yelling, “she’s been cheating on me for three fucking years.” I was like “no she hasn’t. You’ve been thinking she has. She hasn’t done anything.” Then he saw her running and he was like “oh, no you’re not” and went after her. She’s sprinting. It’s 5:30 a.m. I put on my gym clothes to chase after if I had to. Donny goes back in the house and he’s like “I did it again, I did it again.” I was like ‘what did you do? Did you kill her?’ because he has killed someone before. I didn’t know if he grabbed a rock and banged her head. I was scared to walk outside. He was like no ‘I made her run barefoot again.’ I told him to give me the keys to the jeep and he refused because he thought she would think it is him and would not stop.

“I knew there was no gas in the jeep because I drove it home last because Donny was drunk at the bar. He finally gives me the keys and the sun is coming up. I drove to the gas station. I jumped out and called the cops from the gas station. I told them that my best friend is getting hurt from her husband. Gave name and address and like six cops showed up. She had Uber’d to a hotel. I met her at the hotel and I gave her all her belongings and then the cops came over to the hotel and they did the interrogation or investigation or whatever.

“I was not there at the house when the cops came but Donny saw the cop cars coming and he ran out the house with his dad and he has been gone ever since.”

“It’s fucked up because Donny used to be a cop. He’s fucked up in the head. He was making her do things to try and fake evidence that she was cheating. He was trying to get her to pull her pants off and take pictures to send to a guy so it looked like she sent it. He’s fucked up in the head.

“They had been arguing all week. She couldn’t train because he kept her home. He wouldn’t let her leave. I didn’t call the cops until it got physical and I couldn’t do nothing anymore.

“He was trying to choke her, but she was defending herself well. She didn’t get beat up bad. The police did take pictures of marks on her neck. Wasn’t bad this time. No black eyes or anything but he has hit her before. I just wasn’t there. He was my coach and my friend. This was the first time this was in presence and I was not going to let this fly.

“The domestic violence has been going on for years. I just never saw it. Here’s another the thing. The UFC and many other people offered Donny FREE tattoo cover up and he still never did it. You see online, the small swastika on his elbow. I have a bigger picture of a bigger tattoo on the shoulder that nobody knows about. All he had to do was cover the little one but he didn’t. I would have done it for my wife to save her career but he didn’t. This is shitty. It’s not Andrea’s fault. She is sweet and kind and she forgave him all the time. This time, this is it.”

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