UFC Fighters Blast Ref Who Let Bobby Green Suffer Brutal KO Beatdown Against Jalin Turner

Fellow UFC fighters have reacted angrily to referee Kerry Hatley’s failure to step in to save Bobby Green from a brutal KO beatdown against Jalin Turner in the co-main event of Saturday night’s UFC On ESPN 52 event in Austin, Texas.

Turner had initially staggered Green badly with a right hand to the temple, then sent him face-down onto the canvas with another right hand.

“That’s it, that’s it,” Michael Bisping said confidently from the commentary booth at that moment, but despite Green having pretty much just been KO’d the ref had other ideas as he let the action continue.

“That’s it ref,” Bisping said with more urgency in his voice as Turner began repeatedly blasting the still barely conscious Green with huge hooks.

“It’s over! It’s over!” Cormier yelled, while even main commentator Brendan Fitzgerald was clearly uncomfortable with what he was witnessing, saying, “What else do you need?”

“What is going on?” Cormier stated in disbelief, right before Turner landed one final blow that knocked Green unconscious.

“That was disgusting,” was Bisping’s verdict immediately afterwards, while Cormier was in agreement, saying, “terrible stoppage,” and with 19 blows having landed after Green fell to the canvas it’s not hard to understand why.

“Maaan horrible stoppage” – Dustin Poirier

“That was f***ing ridiculous what was the ref doing #UFCAustin” – Brandon Royval

“That insane man. I’ve never been actually mad at a ref before. Someone could die of shit like that. WTF” – Sodiq Yusuff

“Worst stoppage #ufcaustin” – Julianna Pena

“Fk that ref #UFCAustin” – Gilbert Burns

“Horrible stoppage. That’s crazy! Protect the fighter! #UFCAustin” – Cody Durden

“That had to be the latest stop I’ve ever seen that’s crazy boo that man #UFCAustin” – Terrence McKinney

“Bobby Green is a tough customer . Horrible stoppage by the ref !!!! #UFCAustin” – Derek Brunson

And many other UFC fighters agreed on social media as they reacted in disgust to the unnecessary punishment Green had endured.

“F***ING BRUTAL. At no point was he able to intelligently defend himself in that. Ref should’ve stopped it after one or two shots on the ground max…” – Chase Hooper

“Jeeezus Texas MMA commission just needs to fire everyone and start fresh “ – Jeff Molina

“The ref wanted that man got or what? #UFCAustin” – Johnny Munoz

And Dana White was in agreement too, stating at the post-fight press conference, “one of the worst [stoppages] I’ve ever seen.”

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