Uriah Hall TKO’s Anderson Silva In Fourth Round At UFC Fight Night 181

Uriah Hall was able to find his killer instinct in the end tonight at UFC Fight Night 181 with a fourth round TKO finish over his idol Anderson Silva in the 45-year-old ‘Spider’s’ final bout in the Octagon.

Round One:

The main event is underway in Las Vegas.

The two strikers circle each other at range. Almost a minute gone and neither has thrown a strike. Hall fakes a leg kick and then comes up short with a jab. Again he doesn’t connect with a jab. Leg kick for Silva lands. Hall gives him one back soon after.

Inside leg kick for Hall. Leg kick for Silva and then a kick upstairs that’s blocked. Another leg kick for him.

Hall taking the center of the Octagon and throws a head kick, but slips and falls. He’s back up. Silva with short flurry of punches.

Again Silva coming forward landing a couple of solid punches again. Silva throwing caution to the wind a little as he comes forward throwing more punches, but Hall sticks him with a solid counter punch there.

Spinning kick to the leg from Silva, showing off his creativity. Nice speedy jab from Hall. Another lands. Body punch from Silva. Three-piece combo from Silva as he marches forward.

Front kick to the body from Silva but Hall lands a counter punch upstairs. Body punch for Silva as the round ends.

Round Two:

Hall pumps out the jab. Silva with an outside leg kick. Side kick to the body from Silva. Front kick to the body for the former champ.

Hall throws the jab but doesn’t land it. Side kick to the body for ‘The Spider’. Inside leg kick for Hall. Kick to the knee from Silva.

Silva starts to circle around Hall. Side kick to the knee from Silva, but Hall returns the favor. Jab lands for Hall. Hall has some tape loose on his glove and the ref stops the fight to get it sorted out.

Back to it they go. One-two for Hall. Kick to the knee from Silva and an outside leg kick in response from Hall. Both exchange.

Kick to the body from Hall. Silva comes forward with his hands flashing in all directions as he often does when he’s getting fired up. Nothing comes of that though.

Hall with a punch. Leg kick for Silva. Another lands. Jab for Hall. Leg kick from Hall now. Silva with a light punch to the body. Inside leg kick from Hall. Silva with one to the outside of the leg. Jab for Hall again.

Spinning body kick from Hall. Now a nice body punch. Kick from Silva. Jab for Hall. Nice jab sticks for Silva, but then eats a solid counter.

Silva circles in the final 10 seconds of the round and that’s the final action of it.

Round Three:

Left hand for Silva. Jab from Hall. Silva getting busy, but only able to land a slapping backfist to the body.

Silva circling on the outside now. Leg kick from him as Hall looks for a punch. Snappy jab for Hall. Head kick attempt from Hall, but Silva blocks.

Leg kick for Silva and Hall tries to counter with a punch. Body punch for Silva. Crisp jab for Hall. Front kick to the body from Silva.

Leg kick for Silva. Spinning kick attempt from Hall. Silva with his own spinning kick that also doesn’t connect. Axe kick partially lands for Silva.

Nice jab from Silva. Now Hall lands his jab well. Jab again for Silva. Front kick from Hall and Silva throws one too.

Punch lands for Silva and Hall winced thinking he’d been eyepoked. The fight continues. Nice uppercut for Silva. Now he wades into the clinch against the cage. He goes for a foot stomp and again. Knee to the body from Silva.

Hall breaks away and then starts to let his own punches go. Silva with an elbow. Both men trading punches. Hall lands a right hand to the temple and Silva drops. Silva in survival mode as Hall lands punches on the mat and he has to cling onto his opponent’s leg as more blows land before the bell saves him.

Round Four:

Snap kick to the body from Silva and a kick in return from Hall. Head kick attempt from Silva is blocked. Jab for Hall.

Low leg kick for Silva. Jab again from Hall. Uppercut from Silva and wades forward throwing more punches, but Hall throws a crisp counter and Silva hits the deck for the second time in the fight.

Hall lands several clean punches and the referee mercifully steps in and ends the fight. Hall TKO’s the legend in his final UFC fight at 1.24mins of the fourth round.

So, Silva unfortunately bows out with a long list of losses at the tail-end of his career, but he can rest assured that his legacy as one of the all-time greats in the sport was already secured long ago and his many moments of magic in the Octagon will never be forgotten.

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