Valentina Shevchenko Brutally KO’s Jessica Eye With Head Kick At UFC 238

Valentina Shevchenko racked up a stunning highlight reel head kick KO against Jessica Eye tonight at UFC 238 to successfully defend her flyweight title.

Round One:

Eye firing off the jab to start. Big kick to the body for Shevchenko and Eye lands the jab again. Hard body kick again for Shevchenko.

Swing and a miss for Eye and that leads to Shevchenko moving in and landing a big takedown from it. Half guard for Shevchenko here and looking strong on top.

Shevchenko nicely moves to side control and then to full mount, but then Eye does well to get her immediately back to half guard.

Short punches to the head from Shevchenko. Eye manages to get Shevchenko back into her full guard.

Shevchenko looking for punches, but Eye is able to get back to her feet. Shevchenko still on her though and lands another takedown with authority.

Shevchenko in side control. Eye angles herself to throw a few knees to the back. Shevchenko looking for an armbar attempt here, but Eye scrambles and rolls on top as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Eye feeling out with the jab and then lands a leg kick, but Shevchenko immediately throws one of her own.

Shevchenko unleashes an enormous head kick and it lands flush to the temple and knocks Eye out cold with only 26 seconds of the round gone. It’s a truly brutal finish and alarmingly Eye stays unconscious on the mat for several minutes after the fight ends, before thankfully waking up and appearing to be ok.

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