Vicente Luque Breaks Mike Perry’s Nose On Way To Split Decision Win At UFC Fight Night 156

Vicente Luque just edged out a split decision win over Mike Perry tonight at UFC Fight Night 156 and badly broke his opponent’s nose in the process.

Round One:

Both men swing hard and Luque lands the one-two. Leg kick for him now. Big left hand through Luque’s guard from Perry.

Powerful right hand from Perry. Now a hook. Leg kick for perry after a head kick attempt is blocked.

Right hand lands for Luque as Perry presses forward. Luque ducks a punch and then lands one of his own. Punch and body kick from Perry.

Another leg kick. jab for Luque. Now he lands a leg kick. Right hook for Perry. jab for Luque. Body punch for Perry. Hard left hand from him.

Glancing right hand for Luque. Now a flying knee for Luque lands upstairs. leg kick for him now. Solid jab from Luque after Perry lands his own.

One-two for Luque. Leg kick for Perry. Perry barrages forward without landing anythhing meaningful. leg kick for Luque. Perry bleeding from a cut to his left eye.

Push kick for Perry. Low kick for Luque. Powerful left hooks for Perry and then more punches behind it, throwing with a lot of power, but Luque takes them and keeps fighting.

Round two:

Leg kick for Luque and he just misses with a knee upstairs. Then back to the leg kick again. Right hand for Perry and then presses into the clinch against the cage.

Knees to the leg from Perry. Luque trying to escape this position, but he’s unable to until Perry backs up and starts throwing a few punches.

Solid punch from Luque. Both men land a hard punch at the same time. Right hand gets through for Luque. left for Perry and then a body punch, but gets clipped with a counterpunch.

Exchange of punches at close range. Good right hand for Perry and then a hard left hook. He lands the jab and goes for a flying knee.

leg kick for Luque, left hand for Perry. Body kick from Luque. Two good strikes for Luque leaves blood on the camera at cageside.

Jab for Perry and then a body punch. He lands a leg kick. Nice uppercut for Luque. powerful leg kick from him. Perry with a lighter leg kick in return.

Body punch for Perry. Hard leg kick for Luque again. jab apiece exchanged. Hard right for Luque. Another leg kick. Uppercut and left hook for Perry.

Perry’s face smeared in blood, but he’s still very much in this closely contested fight.

Round Three:

Body kick for Luque. Now a low kick. Body punch for Perry. Another outside leg kick for Luque and one in return from Perry.

Perry with a knee to the body and then the leg kick. Leg kick for Luque. Again the leg kick. Now he inside leg kick gets a taste.

Body kick for Luque. Glancing right hand for Perry. More leg kicks for Luque. Short flurry for Luque but the left hand from Perry lands cleaner.

Perry tries for a takedown but has to settle for clinching against the cage. Knees to the legs from Perry. The crowd get restless as the action slows against the cage and the ref separates them.

Inside leg kick from Luque. left hook for him. Now a jumping knee lands to the head and breaks Perry’s nose badly.

However now Perry lands a takedown. Luque working for a guillotine choke here and blood is pouring out of Perry’s earlier eye cut and nose in grizzle fashion.

It’s starting to look like a crime scene here as the blood soaks the canvas and Luque’s body. 30 seconds to go and Perry finally gets his head free. Perry still taking his time though and then starts to throw some ground and pound in the final seconds, but we’re heading to the judges to settle this one. Perry’s nose is a broken mess.


Both fighters showed excellent chins during this hard-hitting fight and that leads to a split decision verdict, with Luque getting the nod from two judges to emerge with the victory (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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