Vicente Luque Submits Michael Chiesa In First Round At UFC 265

Vicente Luque emerged victorious against Michael Chiesa via a d’arce choke submission tonight at UFC 265 during a back-and-forth ground battle in the opening round.

Round One:

Chiesa moving on the outside to start. Luque being patient here, then finally lands a nice calf kick.

left hand from Chiesa then back to circling back and forth again. Punches from Chiesa and a calf kick from Luque.

Solid one-two from Chiesa and Luque gets a cut. Punch from Luque and Chiesa drops, but immediately gets back up.

Chiesa in on a takedown attempt and lands it nicely. Chiesa able to get Luque’s back and looks to sink in his favored rear-naked choke. Luque able to get out of that, but then Chiesa goes for it again and it looks tighter this time.

Luque in real danger here, but credit to him, he’s able to escape. Determined not to be denied, Chiesa again goes for the choke, but it’s not as tight this time and as Luque gets free he immediately goes for a d’arce choke.

What a change of momentum here as suddenly it’s Chiesa who’s on the defensive from this submission attempt. He tries to get out, but Luque has it secured tight and finally forces him to tap out at 3.25mins of the first round.

Big win for Luque there to boost himself into the 170lb division’s top-5, while also end Chiesa’s four-fight unbeaten run.

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