Vitor Petrino Beats Anton Turkalj By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 221

Vitor Petrino got the better of Anton Turkalj to win by unanimous decision tonight at UFC Fight Night 221 in Las Vegas.

Round One:

A few swings and misses to start then an exchange of blows that sees Petrino land and then unexpectedly he lands a takedown.

Punch to the body from Petrino and then Turkalj is able to stand. Petrino still working the clinch against the cage though.

Petrino attempts another takedown, but it doesn’t pay off and he goes back to the clinch. Now Turkalj manages to get a trip takedown. Petrino right back up but now it’s Turkalj who is pressing him into the cage.

Petrino manages to reverse the position midway through the round and then they go back to striking range.

Immediately there’s an exchange in close. Turkalj with a spinning backfist that doesn’t quite connect. Kick lands for Petrino. Now a leg kick for Turkalj.

Groin strike forces a brief stoppage but they are soon back to it. Another quick exchange and brief clinch.

Turkalj lands a punch, but then Petrino connects with an uppercut and another punch to follow. Petrino is aggressive now as he lands a big series of punches that puts Turkalj down. However, as Petrino is moving towards him Turkalj does land a good upkick that buckles Petrino legs, though he still ends the round on top.

Round Two:

Body kick for Turkalj. Now he tries to go in for a takedown, but Petrino shrugs it off and tries for a head kick.

Both men land hard punches, but it’s Petrino’s that has more power on it. Now Petrino lands another big punch and then scores a takedown.

Turkalj able to work back to his feet and now he’s the one taking Petrino down, bringing him to his knees. He tries to stand, but Turkalj keeps him down and is starting to work for a submission. However Petrino does well to scramble and transition on top.

Turkalj on his knees and Petrino gets to his back as he stands, then lands a big slamming takedown. Turkalj soon back up and turns into him. Now it’s Turkalj who gets around to Petrino’s back and brings him down.

Turkalj with one hook in and then pulls Petrino down onto him and has both hooks in. Petrino manages to turn into him though. Turkalj finding his way to his feet and soon after they are back to striking range.

Turkalj lands a big flurry that hurts Petrino and tries for a trip takedown, but doesn’t land it and settles for the clinch against the cage. They jockey for position now in the clinch. Turkalj gets around to the back and Petrino throws a spinning back elbow, only for Turkalj to throw one of his own just before the round ends.

Round Three:

Tentative leg kicks exchanged and then a higher kick attempted by Petrino. Flurry from Turkalj and then gets to Petrino’s back and pulls him down.

Turkalj going for a rear-naked choke, but Petrino does a good job to turn into him. Petrino passing to mount, but Turkalj walks the cage and is almost gets on top. Petrino goes for a rear-naked choke and for a moment it looked dangerous, but Turkalj fights it off and now he working to Petrino’s back again.

Turkalj into mount and then takes the back with one hook in, as Petrino is turtled up. Yet again Petrino is able to reverse and get on top.

Petrino in half-guard with less than two minutes remaining. Turkalj goes to his knees and then stands. Petrino with another big slam takedown, but Turkalj stands back up. Petrino pulling him back down, but again Turkalj stands.

Back to striking range now. Hard right hand from Turkalj and one in response from Petrino. Turkalj spins to the back again and tries for a takedown without success this time. He lands a knee to the head and then Petrino turns into him and then hoists Turkalj into the air and delivers a final massive slam. Petrino trying to work some ground and pound in the final few seconds of the fight.


Well this was certainly competitive with both fighters eating some big blows on the feet, landing multiple takedowns and also managing to reverse each other on the mat throughout the fight.

However, it was Petrino who had the bigger moments and more energy and aggression to his work and that leads him to a unanimous decision victory (30-26 x2, 30-27).

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