Walt Harris Stops Daniel Spitz By Second Round TKO At UFC Fight Night 131

Walt Harris bided his time against Daniel Spitz tonight at UFC Fight Night 131, but when he finally hurt him late in the second round he instantly went in for the kill and secured a TKO victory.

Round one:

Leg kick for Spitz as moves around on he outside. Harris tries a front kick upstairs, but doesn’t connect. Spitz also fails with a head kick attempt.

Leg kick for Spitz. He pumps out the jab, but Harris stears clear. Leg kick for Harris. Body kick for Spitz. Harris looks to respond with a punch.

Exchange in the pocket and Harris connects with a couple of right hands and a left to follow that Spitz definitely felt.

Body kick for Spitz. Body kick for Harris. Now one in return from Spitz. And again for Harris.

Leg kicks for Harris. Body kick for Spitz. Harris misses with a big punch but lands another kick as the round comes to an end.

Round Two:

Push kick from Spitz. Harris works a head kick attempt. Harris attempts to wade in with punches, but then lands big knees to the body.

Body kick for Spitz. Harris catches a leg kick, but doesn’t opt to do anything with it Oblique kick from Spitz and one in return from Harris.

harris almost catches a kick and then instead lands a punch. Spitz with the kick to the midsection. Body punch for Harris. Right hook for Spitz as they exchange briefly.

Up against the cage now is Spitz as harris partially connects with a head kick and then another strike.

Hard left hand for Harris stops Spitz in his tracks. Harris sees it and begins swinging for the fences with heavy punches to put him down.

Harris wants the finish before the end of the round, landing punches, a hammerfist and then some big elbows that convince the referee to stop the fight, handing Harris the TKO finish with just one second of the second round remaining.

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