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Warlley Alves Demolishes Mounir Lazzez With Brutal Body Kick Series At UFC On ESPN 20

Warlley Alves came out very aggressively in the early stages of his co-main event fight with Mounir Lazzez tonight at UFC on ESPN 20 and it paid off for him as he unleashed three crushing body kicks that delivered a TKO finish.

Round One:

Heavy leg kick for Alves and then some big hooks. He then clinches up and marches him over to the cage. Shoulder shrug from him as he stays tight to Lazzez.

Lazzez able to reverse the position now as Alves was landing a knee. Alves gets a little space and tries to jump up with a knee, but Lazzez pushes him to the cage again.

Alves with a spinning backfist that just grazes Lazzez’s face. Lazzez clinching again and then it’s Alves who is able to take him down. He’s in half-guard for now and looking to make his ground skills advantage pay off, but Lazzez does well to stand back up.

Alves still clinched up though. A little bit of space and Lazzez throws a spinning back elbow.

Alves really aggressive early here and he lands three powerful body kicks in a row, and Lazzez suddenly crumbles to the mat, badly hurt from those blows. Alves looks to seal the deal with punches on the mat and the referee quickly waves off the fight. Impressive TKO win for Alves at just 2.35mins of the opening round.

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