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Watch Boxer Tyson Fury Training MMA Elbow And Knees With Darren Till

Heavyweight boxing superstar Tyson Fury recently indicated his interest in having an MMA fight, and now he’s been filmed training muay thai style elbows and knees and MMA sprawls with UFC welterweight fighter Darren Till.

Fury had previously indicated his intention to train with Conor McGregor, but while that hasn’t come to fruition so far, it seems that he is at least somewhat serious about his interest in competing in an MMA fight.

Not everybody has been enthusiastic about the idea however, with Dana White questioning last week why Fury would want to switch his focus away from boxing at a time when he’s one of the sport’s leading stars.

Nevertheless, the UFC president did admit that if Fury was serious then a fight in the UFC wouldn’t be out of the question.

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