Today’s Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing into Anderson Silva’s multiple drug test failures at UFC 183 back in January produced some moments of comedy gold thanks to a phone-line prankster who managed to play several hilariously appropriate song clips that was heard in the court room.

Below you can hear the perfectly timed moment that Salt-N-Pepa’s 80’s jam, ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ played as Silva and his legal team tried to convince NSAC commissioners that the reason he had tested positive for steroids was due to a “sexual performance” drug he’d taken in the weeks leading up to the fight.

Other songs played during the hearing included another Salt-N-Pepa favorite, “Push It’, R Kelly’s, ‘Bump N’ Grind’, 2 Live Crew’s, ‘Me So Horny’ and Shaggy’s, ‘It Wasn’t Me’.

Whoever was responsible for this – take a bow my friend, you’ve earned it!

Props: 5th Round