Weili Zhang Defeats Tecia Torres By Unanimous Decision At UFC 235

Weili Zhang put on an assured performance against her toughest opponent to date Tecia Torres at UFC 235, emerging with a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Leg kick for Zhang. Spinning back kick for her to the midsection. Leg kick for her as Torres reaches for punches.

Missed spinning kick from Zhang this time. A couple of jabs lands for Zhang. Zhang with a flurry, but Torres lands a counter.

Torres steps into a right hand, but doesn’t land clean. Leg kick and a punch behind it from Zhang. Now a spinning back kick lands. Soon after she lands it again.

Torres with a takedown and after a bit of effort is able to land it, but Zhang gets up quickly. Missed back kick for Zhang, but she does connect with a leg kick.

Zhang tries for a spinning backfist, but misses and stumbles. Zhang misses a spinning back kick and appears to get clipped as she does so and her legs were buckling momentarily.

Into the clinch now and suddenly Zhang scrambles and takes Torres back while they are still standing. Torres defending from a submission and then Zhang loses her hooks and slides of Torres’ back.

Torres lands a punch as she breaks free. Final seconds of the round and Torres lands a headlock takedown, but Zhang transitions on top and starts looking for elbow strikes on top.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Zhang. Now straight punches and Torres looks to land a kick of her own. Another kick to the thigh from Zhang. Spinning backfist lands for Zhang.

Leg kick for Torres. Zhang returns to the favor soon afterwards. Spinning attack misses this time from Zhang as Torres grows wise to it. She does land an inside kick though.

Jumping front kick to the body for Zhang. Inside leg again. Body kick for Torres as Zhang does the same. Both land a kick. Body blow for Zhang.

Left hook for Zhang as Torres comes in. Torres with the leg kick. And again. Axe kick attempt from Torres. Zhang misses with another spinning kick.

Jumping oblique kick for Zhang. Flurry of strikes from both ladies in close and then a takedown attempt from Zhang that doesn’t work. They clinch at the cage and this time Zhang does land a takedown.

Short punches for Zhang, but then Torres reverses and ends up on top in the final minute of the round.

Zhang holding onto Torres arms to stifle her offense and then landing punches when there’s opportunities. Torres postures up and Zhang partially lands an upkick. Torres goes back into her guard though throwing aggressively to end the round.

Round Three:

Leg kicks exchanged to start. Torres knocks Zhang off-balance. Good leg kick for Torres. Olbique kick lands. Leg kick again and then Zhang comes forward with punches and a kick that don’t find the mark.

Zhang gets aggressive with another offensive flurry that backs Torres up, but then she comes back strongly herself with good strikes.

Zhang into the clinch now and landing elbows and a knee. Torres gets back out of trouble. Leg kick for Zhang. Another inside leg kick.

Nice takedown for Zhang and lands in half-guard. She looks to pass into full mount, but then settles back in half guard on the other side.

Zhang with a few elbow strikes now. More elbows land as the final minute approaches. Short punches to the head now and then more grinding elbows to end the round.


Competitive fight then, but Zhang seemed to have the edge more often than not and earns herself a unanimous decision victory (29-28, 30-27 x2).

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