Wellington Turman Submits Misha Cirkunov At UFC Fight Night 202

Wellington Turman claimed a big win tonight over Misha Cirkunov at UFC Fight Night 202, locking in a second round armbar from his back that forced an almost instantaneous tap-out.

Round One:

One-two for Turman and a punch in return from Cirkunov. leg kick for Cirkunov. He lands the low kick again.

Right hand from Cirkunov and Turman attempts to clinch up without much success. Cirkunov looking to work him to the mat, but they are quickly back to the feet.

Turman tries for the takedown and then as Cirkunov tries to stay upright, Turman hops onto his back. Turman looking to get the arm under the chin for a rear-naked choke as Cirkunov remains standing.

Tense moments her as Cirkunov slowly attempts to dislodge him, but it’s easier said than done and Turman suddenly does have the choke in. Cirkunov appears to be in real trouble, but he stays calm and manages to just find enough space to break the grip and then dump his opponent to the mat.

Now it’s Cirkunov’s turn to go on the offensive as he drops down some solid ground-and-pound. He then starts hunting for a submission now. Turman rolling and Cirkunov goes for a d’arce choke. It looks like he might have it, but Turman survives.

Cirkunov goes back to punches and Turman rolls to his back. Cirkunov on top and that’s where the round ends.

Round Two:

Body kick for Cirkunov and one for Turman in response. Another lands for Cirkunov. Cirkunov ducks in for a takedown, but Turman prevents it and is looking for a guillotine that he doesn’t get. Cirkunov presses him up against the cage.

Body, head combo’s for Cirkunov. Elbows from Turman, but then a trip from Cirkunov gets him down.

From his back Turman throws up the legs and quickly cinches up an armbar and almost instantly Cirkunov taps out at 1.29mins of the second round. That happened remarkably quick. Big win for Turman against a strong grappler.

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