Yair Rodriguez Beats Brian Ortega Due To Shoulder Dislocation At UFC On ABC 3

Yair Rodriguez beat Brian Ortega by TKO today at UFC On ABC 3, but not in the way he would have wanted, with Ortega suffering a freak shoulder dislocation on the mat late in the first round that left him unable to continue.

Round One:

The featherweight main event is underway in Long Island.

Ortega takes the center of the Octagon and they trade punches immediately. Punch and a head kick attempt from Rodriguez. He then lands a nice right hand.

Ortega with a right hook. Leg kick from Rodriguez after a missed punch. Hard straight right for Ortega.

Ortega pressuring constantly here. A coupe of punches land for Rodriguez and Ortega connects with one.

Punch and a knee from Rodriguez. Takedown attempt from Ortega. He settles for the clinch and marches Rodriguez over to the cage.

Rodriguez bleeding on his cheek early here as Ortega continues to try to work this takedown against the cage without success for now.

Rodriguez chipping away with light strikes. They move away from the cage for a moment, but then Ortega drives him back into it. He lands a knee upstairs, but only a partial connection.

Ortega tries to drag Rodriguez down but goes to the mat emptyhanded. Back to striking range they go and Rodriguez lands a good right hand.

Rodriguez lands again and Ortega goes back into the clinch. This time Ortega lands a nice throw. Rodriguez trying to set up a submission from his back but Ortega pulls his arm free, only to then drop back onto the mat in pain and the fight is waved off – his shoulder dislocated in a freak accident as he was pulling his arm out.

What an anti-climatic end to an eagerly-anticipated fight, but nonetheless, Rodriguez emerges the winner via TKO at 4.11mins of the first round.

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