Yair Rodriguez KO’s Korean Zombie With Amazing Upward Elbow In Final Second At UFC Fight Night 139

The UFC’s 25th anniversary show ended in the most remarkable fashion this evening at UFC Fight Night 139 with Yair Rodriguez landing an upward elbow in the final second of the fight to knockout The Korean Zombie cold.

Round One:

The main event of the evening on the UFC’s 25th anniversary show is underway in Colorado.

The Korean Zombie with a kick to start. Low kick from Rodriguez. Kick from The Korean Zombie, but a harder one in return from Rodriguez.

Good jab for Rodriguez. Nice head movement from The Korean Zombie to avoid a punch and then he piles forward with a flurry of punches.

Rodriguez steps into range, but eats a two-punch combo. The Korean Zombie’s legs getting blasted early by Rodriguez.

Clinch for The Korean Zombie and he lands a few uppercuts. They separate. Leg kick for Rodriguez and then a hard front kick to the body.

Long straight punches for The Korean Zombie. Side kick to the leg from Rodriguez. Jab for Rodriguez. Now a good one for The Korean Zombie. Front kick from The Korean Zombie.

Rodriguez works the jab, The Korean Zombie goes to the leg kick. Right hand for Jung. Both land a jab at the same time. Front kick to the face from Rodriguez.

Hard left hand for The Korean Zombie seems to buckle ROdriguez’s legs momentarily. Straight left for Rodriguez. Jab from Jung.

Left hand gets through for the Zombie. Rodriguez ducks for a single, but then comes upstairs with a hook attempt instead. The Korean Zombie goes for late takedown and they scramble, with Zombie rolling on top just as the round ends.

Round Two:

Jab for Rodriguez, but a one-two comes back from The Zombie. Kick attempt misses from Rodriguez. Punches for The Korean Zombie. Back kick for Rodriguez.

Punches land for The Korean Zombie and then he goes into the clinch against the cage. Rodriguez manages to reverse the position, but he soon lands an illegal knee to the groin that forces a stoppage.

Back to it they go. Head kick almost landing for The Korean Zombie. Now he tries a spinning kick that doesn’t connect. Right hand for The Korean Zombie.

Head kick from Rodriguez is blocked. Zombie tries for a left hand and Rodriguez lands the leg kick. Good jab from The Korean Zombie.

One two for The Korean Zombie and a spinning elbow lands for Rodriguez afterwards. The Korean Zombie tries for a takedown, but Rodriguez is able to stay upright.

He almost gets a takedown, but Rodriguez scrambles out. Jab for the Zombie. Right hands land for both fighters. Jab for Zombie.

Side kick to the leg from Rodriguez. Now two eye-catching kicks in a row, but Zombie is fine afterwards. Both fighters land at the same time, but continue on the offensive. Both fighters throwing caution to the wind a little here with hard strikes landing, but their chins are standing up to it so far.

Round Three:

Jab lands for Zombie. Body kick for him. He works the right hand. Head kick blocked from Rodriguez but he’ll have felt the impact from that.

Rodriguez starting to style on the Zombie, trying a capoeira kick after landing a good punch. One-two for Zombie. Hard kicks for Rodriguez.

One-two for Zombie. Front kick to the face for Rodriguez. Solid body kick for Rodriguez. One-two for Zombie. Punch for Rodriguez and then a solid right lands for the Zombie.

side kick to the body for Rodriguez. Right hand for The Korean Zombie has Rodriguez hitting reverse gear for a moment. Nice right hand again for TKZ.

Right hand sneaks through for Rodriguez after a leg kick. Head kick for Rodriguez is caught by TKZ but he can’t do anything with it. Good punch for Rodriguez.

Nice jab for TKZ and then he lands it again. Rodriguez with a punch and the Zombie fires back. Rolling kick from Rodriguez as he looks to have some fun but he has to get back up quick as Jung comes plowing forward with hard punches to end the round.

Round Four:

Zombie throwing punches to start. Uppercut for Zombie. BOth land punches at the same time. leg kicks for Rodriguez. Right hand connects for Jung.

Body kick from Rodriguez. Right hand for Zombie. More punches for him, but then a spinning backfist for Rodriguez.

Rodriguez suddenly pressing forward with punches and catches Zombie by surprise and he falls backwards off-balance, but gets quickly back upright.

Rodriguez getting creative with his kicks. Good right hand for TKZ. Another big punch knocks Rodriguez backwards. Zombie presses forward and in the clinch he lands a good knee.

Rodriguez might be complaining about a groin strike here and Zombie seems to be motioning to give him time to recover, but the referee waves them on.

TKZ lands a stiff jab. Another connects as Rodriguez tries to get into range. Right hand for Zombie. Hard body kick for Rodriguez.

Rodriguez with a scissor kick takedown attempt that doesn’t pay off as the round comes to a conclusion.

Round Five:

Big hug from both fighters to start the round. Body kick for Rodriguez and then a leg kick. TKZ with a short flurry of punches. Now a right hand lans for him.

left hand for Zombie and one in return from Rodriguez. Good jab from Rodriguez, but a counter lands from Zombie. Another counter from him. He scores with a left.

Leg kick from Rodriguez. Superman punch for him. Hard right hook from TKZ. Looping left connects for Zombie.

Leg kick for Rodriguez. Clinch from ZOmbie, but he comes out of that quickly. Now Rodriguez tries for a takedown, but Zombie does well to not only stop that but lands a punch on the way back out.

Right hand for Rodriguez and that seemed to hurt TKZ momentarily. He gives his opponent a nod and they took a moment to enjoy that then went straight back to it.

Front kick to the face from Rodriguez. Zombie lands a punch that seems to hurt Rodriguez. Such a back and forth battle.Leg kick and then a body kick from Rodriguez.

Spinning backfist attempt from Rodriguez. Another leg kick. Body kick. Big right hand for Zombie. Spinning back kick to the body from Rodriguez and then a low kick. Flurry of punches from Zombie.

Jab for Rodriguez. Both fighters pause for a moment again and soak up the atmosphere, give each other a nod and then get back to it with one final offensive flurry.

Then something crazy happens. Zombie charges forward, Rodriguez ducks and then perfectly times an upward elbow that knocks Zombie out cold, landing flat on his face completely unconscious in the final second of the fight!!! It’s one of the craziest finishes of all time after an amazing war and it comes during the finale of the UFC’s 25th anniversary show. Amazing stuff.

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