Yazmin Jauregui Defeats Iasmin Lucindo By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN 41

Yazmin Juaregui emerged victorious via unanimous decision against fellow newcomer Iasmin Lucindo tonight at UFC On ESPN 41 after a hard fought striking battle.

Round One:

A couple of punches in close from Jauregui. leg kick for her. Another exchange of punches at close range and Jauregui lands again, though Lucindo appeared to connect too.

Another quick flurry of punches from both ladies, but no clean connection. Jauregui lands a leg kick. Now a body kick.

Jauregui with a calf kick and Lucindo looks for a punch. Quick punches from Jauregui and Lucindo tries to clinch without success.

Jauregui again seeks to lead the striking dance, but then Lucindo bites down on her gumshield and presses forward throwing heavy leather and backs up the Mexican.

leg kick for Jauregui and punches behind it, but Lucindo is always looking to fire back. Jumping front kick to the body for Lucindo.

Kick for Jauregui, flurry of punches from Lucindo in response. Overhand right from Lucindo. Push kick for her.

Lucindo presses forward with a barrage of punches, but Jauregui lands cleanest with a nice check hook.

Head kick from Jauregui partially lands, but not with enough power to trouble Lucindo.

They get into the clinch now and jockey for position against the cage. They exchange knees to the body. Spinning kick to the body from Lucindo doesn’t connect cleanly as they separate.

Round Two:

Calf kick for Lucindo. Jauregui returns the favor. One-two for Jauregui lands nicely, but Lucindo fires back with a straight punch of her own.

Fast-paced exchange in close. Kick from Jauregui. Left hook from Jauregui seems to hurt Lucindo, who goes into the clinch against the cage.

Jauregui able to turn into her and lands a couple of knees to the leg. Lucindo tries for a trip but nothing doing.

Jauregui breaks free and throws a head kick. She lands a front kick to the body. Spinning kick to the body from Lucindo misses the mark.

Jauregui pressing forward and Lucindo meets her with a couple of hooks. Another exchange as Jauregui throws crisper punches, but Lucindo threatens with more heavy hooks.

Calf kick for Lucindo. Leg kick for Jauregui. Lucindo jumps into a knee and Jauregui stumbles backwards, more off-balance than hurt.

Lucindo lands a nice punch. They get into close range and start trading big hooks.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Jauregui. Now a body kick. Another leg kick for her. Lucindo fires out hooks but misses the mark.

Solid right hand lands for Jauregui. Now a calf kick. Superman attempt from Jauregui doesn’t pay off and she has to be careful because Lucindo is always trying to land power punches.

Spinning body kick from Lucindo. Kick upstairs from her. The exchange and Lucindo lands a left hook.

Body kick for Jauregui and Lucindo lands punches in response. Right and then a hard left from Jauregui. Now a right hand for her.

Jauregui with another right hand, but Lucindo scores too. Leg kick for Lucindo. A couple of punches from Jauregui and a counter again from Lucindo.

Jauregui misses a punch and Lucindo lands hers. Missed leg and head kick from Jauregui. Hard right hook from Lucindo after a body punch.

Another missed head kick from Jauregui. Hooks exchanged. Calf kick for Jauregui. Spinning head kick for Jauregui misses. Lucindo lands a spinning body kick.

Punches connect from Jauregui. Right hook for Jauregui. Right hand from Lucindo and a body kick. Right hand for Jauregui. We’re headed to the scorecards.


What a great debut from both ladies here, putting everything they had into that 15 minute striking battle, giving the judges plenty to think about.

In the end all three officials see it in Jauregui’s favor, handing her a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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