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Yorgan De Castro Knocks Out Justin Tafa In First Round At UFC 243

Yorgan De Castro demolished Justin Tafa in the first round of their main card opener tonight at UFC 243.

Round One:

The two fighters immediately meet in the center of the Octagon and start slugging, with De Castro eating a big punch. Another wild exchange and then De Castro goes into the clinch against the cage, but Tafa reverses the position.

Body punches from Tafa. Da Castro trying to get out, but eats a big uppercut before he does so.

Missed punches from De Castro and Tafa makes him pay with an uppercut.

Tafa looking to move in with a big overhand, but De Castro also throws a huge right hand and it lands first and knocks Tafa out stone cold at 2.10mins of the first round.

Brutal KO there with Tafa dropping at De Castro’s feet, and mercifully he didn’t land any unneccessary follow-up punches.

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