Zabit Magomedsharipov Impresses In Unanimous Decision Win Over Kyle Bochniak At UFC 223

Zabit Magomedsharipov proved that he’s one of the best emerging talents in the sport tonight at UFC 223 with a tremendous showcase of his skills during a unanimouas decision over a very game Kyle Bochniak.

Round One:

Magomedsharipov pumps out the jab as Bochniak presses forward in the opening minute of the fight. Leg kick for Magomedsharipov and a nice hook in response from Bochniak.

Side kick to the body for Magomedsharipov. Jab for him and then a harder punch behind it. Now a body kick for Magomedsharipov. Another follows a fe seconds later.

Bochniak steps in with some big punches, looking for the knockout blow their. Right hook for Bochniak lands. Magomedsharipov tries a Sanchou style kick that looks impressive, but didn’t land.

leg kick for Magomedsharipov. Bochniak attempting to counter with a punch. jab lands for Bochniak. Jumping head kick attempt from Magomedsharipov.

jabs for Magomedsharipov. Now knees. A head kick lands, but Bochniak takes it and continues tying to back his opponent up. Nice left hand for Magomedsharipov.

Two-piece combo for Bochniak lands. Magomedsharipov looks incredibly relaxed out there considering Bochniak is wading forward looking to take his head off at all times.

They both exchange in close and its a left hook from Magomedsharipov that lands hardest as the round comes to an end.

Round Two:

Bochniak wades forward with left and right hans. Then Magomedsharipov comems back with a few kicks in a row. Suddenly Magomedsharipov swings around to take Bochniak’s back and then works to take him down. His movement is so quick and effortless, but Bochniak is working hard to keep upright.

Magomedsharipov dumps him to the mat, but he quickly gets right back up. Magomedsharipov thumps him back down again soon after though and this time he secures his position on top with Bochniak pressed awkwardly up against the cage.

Nice work from Bochniak to find the room to suddenly burst back to his feet. Magomedsharipov lands a kick to the body. Magomedsharipov lands a few punches and Bochniak drops his hands and encourages him to take a swing.

Bochniak’s game here, but he’s been outclassed so far by the impressive Magomedsharipov.

Nice uppercut from Magomedsharipov. He lands a beautiful leg sweep takedown that caught Bochniak completely off-guard. Tremendous technique there from this blue-chip prospect.

However, Bochniak picks his moment to spring back to his feet once more. He lands a right hook and tries to bundle into a takedown of his own, but Magomedsharipov stuffs it nicely.

Magomedsharipov picks a few punches out from range and then tries a fancy spinning kick to the body to end the round.

Round Three:

Bochniak still fired up at the start of the third and comes forward swinging once again. He’s not landing too much effectively here, but you’ve got to give him credit for his heart and determination.

Beautiful spinning kick to the body from Magomedsharipov. Now he goes for a double-leg takedown and gets Bocniak to the mat easily. Bochniak stands back up, but Magomedsharipov is still all over him.

Magomedsharipov has his back and drags him to the mat momentarily and then they stand once again. Bochniak’s face is streaked with blood here, but there’s no quit in him.

Bochniak tries to catch Magomedsharipov out with a takedown, but it doesn’t pay off and he’s tripped to the mat instead.

Bochniak up and trying to move, but Magomedsharipov chases and brings him down again. They stand and Magomedsharipov tries to hop on to his opponents back, but slides off and Bochniak takes the opportunity to press him up against the cage.

Bochniak trying for a single leg takedown, but Magomedsharipov just shrugs him off easily. Magomedsharipov trying for a double-leg but Bochniak does well to prevent it.

Bochniak back to swinging for the fences and for the first time Magomedsharipov looks a little tired and gets caught with a few shots. Magomedsharipov with a body kick.

Bochniak is ready to go to war and he practically roars in Magomedsharipov’s face as he hurls heavy leather at his opponent. Magomedsharipov takes his biggest shots though and throws a few of his own, leading to a wild final few seconds of the fight, after which they both embrace.


Great fight then and Magomedsharipov really looked exceptional at times, while Bochniak proved to be exceptionally tough from start to finish. There’s no doubt about the winner though and Magomedsharipov emerges with a unanimous decision victory (29-28, 30-27 x2).

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