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Miguel Torres Announces Retirement At 36-Years-Old

Former UFC fighter Miguel Torres has announced his retirement from the sport at the age of 36.

Torres was a major player back in the heyday of the WEC promotion, winning the bantamweight title by defeating Chase Beebe at WEC 32 in 2008 and then going on to successfully defend the belt three times.

By that stage Torres had compiled a hugely impressive 37-1 record and appeared untouchable, but he was then KO’d by Brian Bowles in his next fight, followed by a submission loss to Joseph Benavidez.

There were still high hopes for the charismatic star when the WEC was merged with the UFC, but a disappointing 2-2 run in the Octagon and running into trouble over some controversial twitter posts led to him being released in 2012.

He then had a brief, unsuccessful stint in WSOF and he’s since gone 4-2 fighting for regional promotions to bring his career total to 44-9.

Read Torres full statement regarding his decision to retire below.

“As I sit here on the mat in my academy contemplating my life and all of the possibilities that can manifest from just mere choice, my heart feels too overburdened and overwhelmed to be able to seriously train for another fight. Wearing so many hats does not afford me the time to seriously do what is in my heart to do. When this journey started it was to make a name for myself, show everyone that I was not an ordinary man, to show all the little guys size doesn’t matter, to make my family proud of all their sacrifices, so my daughter would know her daddy did something special for her, and now things are different.

“Doesn’t feel like my effort is for the love of the fight or competition anymore its just about a paycheck to buy unneeded things and taxes to a corrupt system. Have been bouncing back and forth from injuries the last 20 years, always training through the pain and fighting to build my brand and make my mark in the world. Any of my training partners, promoters, or any promotion I fought for was always aware of these things but the show still went on. Can no longer do it the way I have been. To not do it the right way or to fight small battles in the middle of training camps leads to ugly situations in the cage.

“It breaks my heart to write this but I officially announce my retirement from mixed martial arts.

“People ask me how was my experience, my answer is bitter sweet, when you’ve risen from nothing to fly so high you burn your wings on the sun, the decent is a trip but once you’re back where you started again nothing will ever be the same. Always wanted to make a mark and be a part of history, just didn’t end up the way imagined when i was a kid.

“When I close my eyes at night and I breathe deep, can still hear the roar of the crowd, the need to satisfy their lust for danger and excitement, it keeps me up at night it’s so loud. Goodbye my love, thank you for the memories it was something else.

“Thank you to all of my training partners and anyone who ever helped me train for a fight. Couldn’t of done anything in my career without you.”

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