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To be Tiny (and creepy)

It is the last adjective that any men voluntarily use to describe themselves. Yet Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall famously said “…its like small person-ism. No one really gives a s–t about us, it’s true.”

To put things into perspective, Ian McCall is 1.65 metres tall and his official weight is 56.7kg. That puts him a shade shorter and 10kg lighter than Jet Li when he was still active in the martial arts film making business. While Jet Li was never fighter in a competitive capacity, he was beautifully skilled in display martial arts winning national championships in China (imagine being number one in a country of over 1 billion people) since he was 11 years old. This should give hope that one can be tiny but deliver a dynamic presence that captivates the audience.

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As of Jan 2014, Ian McCall is #3 in official UFC flyweight rankings. He is working his way up to a title shot and would like to be a UFC champion. His crusade begins Jan 31 2015 UFC 183 vs John Lineker.

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