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To be Pretty, Tiny and Smart

Alex Chambers will probably tick off a few boxes on the ‘diversity’ chart of MMA fighters. She is female, she had her debut UFC fight at 36 years old. Alex is the first Australian woman to fight in an octagon. She has university qualifications in Astrophysics. At 48kg she is the lightest fighter ever in UFC history. To put the icing on the cake, Alex Chambers is also very easy on the eyes.

Cage fighter Alex Chambers ready for first women's only fight night


All of these made very good headlines when she was signed by UFC in December 2013 to participate in the show “Ultimate Fighter, A Champion will be Crowned” for the first ever UFC Women straw weight championship. Alex had her debut fight Dec 12 2014 against an Irish fighter Aisling Daly and lost in the first round by submission. Her performance was satisfactory, even though Aisling Daly attempted 52 strikes compared to Alex’s 12, their ‘significant strike rate’ and take down attempts were much closer in number. It was also Aisling’s debut fight, however it was evident that she was larger, had longer reach and more importantly, 10 years younger. The age gap had never known to stop great fighters from winning (think Randy Couture). However, this may prove to be disadvantageous to Alex in obtaining a second chance. If Alex manages to secure another fight in 2015, she will need ensure a win. If she does not, it will take many more bouts of winning in other professional MMA fights before she will be signed on again by a major MMA promoter. Time is not on her side.

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