Boxers That Turned Out Big In MMA

When it comes to fighting, boxing is among the most remembered. The sport emerged in England in the 18th century and was initially practiced by noblemen. Over time and after many blows, the sport fell into the popular taste, was discovered by women, and currently lives a phase of extraordinary rise due to the explosion of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Both boxing and MMA live the attention of big and famous championships and the names of favorite fighters. In today’s post, we’ll tell you about some players who did well in boxing and MMA and take the opportunity to explain the main differences between the two sports. 

Can a boxer fight an MMA fighter?

MMA and boxing are different sports, but mixed martial arts professionals constantly express an interest in venturing into the rings. The examples are diverse, and the most recent to have his name linked to noble art is Georges St-Pierre in a hypothetical fight against Oscar De La Hoya. Still, this possibility was vetoed by Dana White. Canadian George St-Pierre is one of the most famous names in MMA and one of the examples when interested in other fights. If you’re following the championships and want to start some online betting on your fellow Canadian champions like St-Pierre, the betting experts at have put together a list; check it out here.

Boxers That Turned Out Big In MMA

Holly Holm

Holm is one of the most famous fighters for starting the trajectory of boxing for MMA. The fighter began her career in boxing and kickboxing, winning the welterweight belt of the World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council and other great fights. Upon entering MMA, she became the UFC bantamweight champion by knocking out Ronda Rousey.

Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch

The fighter who became known as Butterbean or the “four-round champion” gained fame and that title after one against Larry Holmes in the famous fighter’s last fight, in what was considered a historic loss. The fighter had some boxing records and some MMA victories to be proud of. 

Chris Lytle

As a boxer, Lytle fought between 2002 and 2005 without major fights, but in 12 years as an MMA fighter, he changed his record and had significant victories in essential names in the sport.

Boxing vs MMA

Boxing uses only fists in combat. For a long time, this was the only known modality in fight world. This is due to fighters who made history, such as Muhammad Ali, named “The Sportsman of the Century” by a US magazine. Furthermore, the movie “Rocky” (1976) success helped popularize this type of sport. 

Also known as boxing, it gets attention because only fists can be used during combat. Its practice dates back to Ancient Greece, as it was part of the Ancient Olympic Games, although it still didn’t have the rules or the name we know today. And even if only the hands are used in the attack, that doesn’t mean that those who practice it have only strong arms. When moving quickly, the muscles of the thighs, glutes, and calves are also worked, making the body exercise as a whole.

MMA is a mixture of different martial arts. The fight became famous thanks to the relatively recent success of the UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which is the organization responsible for competitions in this fight worldwide. Many people think that MMA and Muay Thai are the same, but this is a common mistake. The name itself gives its main characteristic, since MMA means, in English, Mixed Martial Arts. So, he is an amalgamation of other fights. This means that it has Muay hai and jiu-jitsu, karate, judo, and wrestling.

There’s only one problem: many believe that MMA is a free-for-all that has gained popularity. Although part of its origin is this, the fight has clear rules, and it’s no use simply hitting the other without worrying about the opponent’s minimum well-being. The big question is that it’s worth using any fighting style but not doing anything to win. This sport also emerged thanks to the efforts of the Gracie family, known for being the forerunner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Well, our country has part of the merit of creating the fight.

Danny is 26 years old and hails from Rochester, NY. He's been training in MMA for the last two years and whether it's the UFC ,One FC, Bellator or a number of other smaller shows he's always happy to settle down to watch some fistic fireworks.