Herrig vs VanZant: Beauty is skin deep, or do we care?

Decision Time

Dana White: Felice Herrig not kicked out of TUF 20, but 'a fight ...

Both Herrig and VanZant had more wins and losses by decisions, Herrig 11 out of 15 fights and VanZant 3 out of 5. It seems like a trend more common in Women Straw Weight as even Torres, the dominant fighter that she is at number 5 in UFC ranking had all her wins by decision. This is clearly not to do with weight nor size, as Maryna Moroz on the other hand had won all her fights by submission or knock out. This is not to undermine their wins or losses, but simply when it comes to the excitement level of a match, a fight like Rousey vs Zingano, a submission at a frighting 14 seconds makes history. There are not that many decision wins that make headlines. One can hope that in this match Herrig and VanZant will give the spectators less than 15 minutes of their pretty faces.




Chingyin Ng, originally from Singapore had lived in London, UK and is now based in Melbourne Australia. She had trained extensively in a variety of martial arts including Muay Thai and Boxing. As MMA gains popularity in Australia and Asia, Chingyin follows all news and progress with enthusiasm and with her unique and bilingual background she is able to provide a different perspective.