Six Highest Paid UFC Debutants

Among the most highly contested issues in MMA is that of fighter pay. In billion-dollar organisations like the UFC it is quite common for fighters to make $8,000 in their debut match (which is usually doubled if they win). For some fans and critics, such a figure is way too low for a fighter in the ‘big time’ while the view of others is that it’s an amount that gives a debuting fighter more motivation to perform well and get paid more down the track. Not everyone makes $8,000 when they debut for the UFC, however. We at Fight Of The Night have listed six fighters who made well into six figures in their first fight with the UFC. The common similarity they all have? They were all established names who had significant hype upon being signed.

From Perth, Australia, Bruno has been an MMA fan on and off (mostly on) for 10 years. He did Taekwondo for a few years as a kid and dabbled in BJJ and Muay Thai as an adult, but is more an MMA fan than anything else. He is also an experienced journalist and writer, having written a number of articles on an array of topics.