Six Highest Paid UFC Debutants

  AlistairOvereem600x400 Alistair Overeem ($385714.28)

Few MMA fighters have been as memorable and as polarising as Alistair Overeem. The Dutchman has had a long and successful career over the last 14 years. He fought as a light heavyweight and heavyweight around the world in a number of top tier organisations, including Pride, Dream and Strikeforce. Overeem’s move up to heavyweight proved to be highly successful, as he won and defended the Strikeforce Heavyweight strap. That success prompted the UFC to sign him and immediately offer him a main event bout against Lesnar. The UFC debut was a success for ‘The Reem’ as he overwhelmed Lesnar with strikes in the first round to claim the victory.  It was a win appreciated by his bank account, as Overeem received a little less than $386,000 for the two and a half minute bout (and his months of training in the lead up to the fight).

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