Stay tuned to this evening for all the results live as they happen from UFC 161 in Winnepeg, Canada.

The prelims are expected to get underway at around 7pm ET (12am UK) with the main card going live at 10pm ET (3am UK).

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Main Card:

Rashad Evans defeats Dan Henderson by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

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Stipe Miocic defeats Roy Nelson by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

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Ryan Jimmo defeats Igor Pokrajac by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

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Alexis Davis defeats Rosi Sexton by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 29-27)

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Shawn Jordan defeats Pat Barry by TKO at 0.59mins of Rd1

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Jake Shields defeats Tyron Woodley by split decision (29-28 x2, 27-30)

They exchange on the feet in the opening round and Woodley appears to have a little more authority about his work and that’s punctuated by a heavy leg kick that takes Shields momentarily off his feet. Shields looks for the takeodwn, but Woodley stuffs it and they clinch up against the cage before eventually breaking apart. Shields starts landing repeated leg kicks – nothing too hard, but he’s keeping busy. Woodley not doing too much, but eventually he lands a hard leg kick of his own and Shields looks for another takedown, but again can’t get it and clinches instead. They exchanges some short strikes from there as the round comes to a close. Quick leg kicks from Shields to start, then again Woodley lands a huge one that dumps him to the mat for a second. They clinch up against the cage and exchange some knees. Shields attempts a trip takedown, but Woodley doesn’t budge. Not a whole lot happening as they battle for position. Shields threatens with a potential guillotine choke. He lands a few light knees and then gives up the attempt. More clinchwork and the crowd is getting restless now at the lack of action. They are broken up with 15 seconds to go and the round comes to a close with them exchanging kicks. Another solid kick lands from Woodley to start round three, but Shields partially catches it and again plays spoiler tactics by working into the clinch, but the referee doesn’t let him stall for long and then breaks them up. Shields grinding style appears to have taken it’s toll a bit as Woodley’s not offering a whole lot here. More clinch work from Shields, but they are separated shortly after. Out of nowhere a spinning backfist lands hard for Woodley, but Shields seems unaffected. More clinchwork and in the knee exchanges Woodley’s are clearly heavier. Split apart again and Shields is back to the small leg kicks and then fails on a takedown attempt. Into the final 10 seconds and it’s fought in the clinch yet again leaving the final verdict in the hands of the judges who give Shields the nod, but only just.

James Krause defeats Sam Stout by submission (guillotine choke) at 4.47mins of Rd3

Krause got the better of the striking exchanges in the opening round, showing nice long punches and smooth kicks. One head kick in particular opened up a big cut above stout’s right eye which staggered him, though Stout did well to catch it and get a takedown from it. Krause gets on top though, but he’s not able to do too much with it before Stout, who’s face is now soaked in blood, gets back upright. Krause goes back to winning the stand-up battle as the round draws to a close. He starts the second well too, but then Stout lands a nice body shot early in the second that hurts him and forces him to back off. Krause gets a takedown, but can’t get Stout down for long. Back up on the feet Stout’s trying hard and pushing the pace, but he looks to be struggling to get into range with his punches. A few kicks land nicely though. In the final 30 seconds he also lands a takedown and he’s worked his way back into this fight heading into the final five minutes. The third round was looking close with Stout continuing to push forward, but rarely finding a home for his punches, while Krause was picking him off nicely at times from range. Then with a minute to go Stout charged forward and landed a takedown. It seemed like a good move for him, but it quickly proved not to be as Krause locked in a tight guillotine choke. There was a bit of a struggle, but in the end with just 13 seconds remaining Stout was forced to tap.

Sean Pierson defeats Kenny Robertson by majority decision (29-28 x2, 28-28)

Much of the first round was fairly even as they spent a little time on the mat, but mainly on the feet. Things sparked to life in the final 20 seconds as they started to trade in close, with Pierson landing the harder, more accurate strikes and was really starting to gain the ascendancy as the bell sounded. Pierson continued to do well with his striking in the first half of the second round, with his left hand often landing solidly, while a head kick also made an impact. That forced a tired looking Robertson to dive in for a takedown and he was able to get him down. From their he spent the rest of the round working a little ground and pound. Early in the third round Pierson was rocked by a big elbow strike from Robertson and as he tried to regain his bearings he was tagged by more strikes, including a knee to the face. Still wobbled he desperately dropped down for a takedown, hanging onto one of Robertson’s legs for dear life. Instead it was Robertson who was able to get on top and took his back. He was clearly winning the round, but wasn’t going all out for the finish he might need. In the final minute he did go for the rear-naked choke attempt, but Pierson fought it off and then reversed the position to see the final few seconds out on top.

Roland Delorme defeats Edwin Figueroa by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Big first round for Delorme, putting Figueroa under a lot of pressure on the mat. A couple of early takedowns were followed by a few submission attempts. Figueroa briefly got on top and started landing solid ground and pound, but then Delorme slickly reverses the position and gets back to top. He moves to the mounted crucifix and lands some shots. Eventually he moves to the back and locks in the body triangle, trapping one of Figueroa’s arms in the process. Credit to Figueroa though who was able to fend off repeated choke attempts with just one arm to survive the round. Delorme looks for more of the same in the second, but Figueroa has him in trouble early with a triangle attempt and then an armbar. Delorme stays calm and escapes though before securing top position. Figueroa showing good heart and he manages to work back on top and lands some strikes. With a minute to go Delorme gets upright and then takes Figueroa down. Energized by a good second round, Figueroa comes out meaning business in the final five minute with aggressive striking, but Delorme stays calm and secures a takedown. He gets out of a guillotine choke and takes Figueroa’s back, but can’t keep him down. He pulls him back to the mat, but not for long. They engage on the feet and Figueroa’s getting the better of it before he’s taken down again. He works from side control, then takes his back. Still staying busy Figueroa looks for some strikes and hits a reversal. He’s really working hard to land his ground and pound as the round come to a close, and it proves to be not quite enough for him in the end with Delorme being handed the decision.

Mitch Clarke defeats John Maguire by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Clarke utilized frequent low leg kicks throughout the first round which seemed to throw Maguire off his own boxing game. In the end maguire opted to go for a takedown attempt instead, but had to settle for spinning around to his back instead, finding himself unable to get him to the mat. Eventually they seperated and more leg kicks arrived before Maguire attempted the same takedown and ended up in the same position. In the final seconds of the round they had a slightly strange sequence as Clare began elbowing Maguire’s forearm, while Maguire was kneeing his thigh. In the second round Maguire did finally get that takedown he’d been seeking, but he didn’t do a whole lot with the position. With about a minute to go they moved back upright with Clarke pressing him up against the cage. Still not much happening and so the ref separates them. Clarke goes back to his leg kick strategy with Maguire offering little in return until he again spins to Clarke’s back and drags him to the mat just as the round ends. Guess what? More legs from Clarke in the third as he continues to get the better of the stand-up action. He varies it up as he works into the clinch against the cage and utilizes footstomps. Maguire has to revert to spinning around to the back and taking Clarke down. He gets the body lock and is looking for a rear-naked choke, but Clarke defends well and in the final 30 seconds gets on top and unleashes some ground and pound.

Yves Jabouin defeats Dustin Pague by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Jabouin got off to a great start here as he pressured Pague on the feet and dropped him to the mat with strikes. Pague was OK though and was immediately active from his back, throwing up multiple submission attempts including a triangle choke, armbar attempt and a little later on a heel hook. Jabouin looked in real trouble at times and it was surprising that he wasn’t attempting to stand up and get out of danger. Eventually a scramble occured as Pague worked hard for the heel hook and it allowed him to get on top in full mount. He attempts another arm triangle submission, but it’s unsuccessful and Jabouin gets on top and starts raining down some hard shots to his opponents head. Very good first round! Early in the second Pague got Jabouin down with a terrific leg sweep throw. He was all over Jabouin for a significant portion of the round, taking his back and achieving full mount at times, but he couldn’t find a finish. Eventually Jabouin managed to reverse the position and get on top, but didn’t do much with the remaining time in the round. Takedown for Jabouin early in the third and he lands the occasional elbow strike, but is still having to fend off Pague’s submission threat. Not a lot of action here and half way through the round the ref stands them back up. Jabouin tries a spinning kick, but gets it all wrong and loses his balance, falling to the mat in the process. Pague pounces and is back in top control before moving to the mount. Jabouin does well to get back upright, but has to fend off another triangle choke attempt before ending up in top position again to end the round. Tough one to score, but Jabouin wins the split verdict, persumably for spending more time on top.