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Main Card:

Demetrious Johnson defeats John Moraga by submission (armbar) at 3.43mins of Rd5

Fight Report

Rory MacDonald defeats Jake Ellenberger by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

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Robbie Lawler defeats Bobby Voelker by KO at 0.24mins of Rd2

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Liz Carmouche defeats Jessica Andrade by TKO at 3.57mins of Rd2

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Jorge Masvidal defeats Michael Chiesa by submission (D’arce choke) at 4.59mins of Rd2

Chiesa was looking to utilize his grappling skills early in this fight, but surprisingly it was when he abandoned that strategy and started to trade with Masvidal that he really started to make his mark, flooring Masvidal momentarily with a punch. Masvidal recovered well, but despite normally being hard to hit on the feet, Chiesa continued to find a home for his punches and was looking more confident with his striking than we’ve seen in the past. That being said, Masvidal did start to find his rhythm late in the round and landed a nice flurry of punches to Chiesa up against the cage, finishing with a hard body shot. Chiesa heads back to his original gameplan at the start of the second round, taking Masvidal down, but this time he finds himself caught in a guillotine choke and has to break free. He attempts another takedown, but can’t keep his opponent down. Masvidal’s starting to gain control of the stand-up now and then is able to get on top on the mat after catching a kick from Chiesa. He starts raining down some hard blows and Chiesa rolls to his knees only to be met with a hard knee to the body from Masvidal. Good work on top from Masvidal and in the final minute he moves around to the front and attempts to lock in a d’arce choke. He rolls with it and it looks tight, but there’s less than 10 seconds of the round to go. Chiesa tries to hold on, but with just a second to go he taps and Masvidal gets his second UFC win. Chiesa’s so upset by the loss that he leaves the Octagon before the final verdict.

Danny Castillo defeats Tim Means by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Means had a major height and reach advantage in this fight and Castillo found it difficult to deal with in the stand-up exchanges. Luckily for him he’s adept on the mat and was able to score a couple of takedowns in the first round, though wasn’t able to do too much on top. In round two he tried hard to make an impact in the striking realm without success, though Means wasn’t troubling him too much either. Castillo finally relented and went back to his ground game, securing another couple of takedowns in the latter stages of the round. In the third Castillo was perhaps just starting to find his mark a little more on the feet, but Means also landed some good knees to his head in return. Castillo looked for another takedown after spinning around to his opponent’s back, but this time it didn’t pay off and Means was able to roll on top. He tries to take advantage of the position, but it’s not going to be enough and Castillo earns the decision win.

Melvin Guillard defeats Mac Danzig by KO at 2.47mins of Rd2

Danzig surprisingly opted to stand and trade with Guillard in the opening round and didn’t have a great deal of success in that regard. He had trouble finding a home for his punches, while Guillard looked as fast as ever and wasn’t having the same issue, looking dangerous every time he stepped forward with his strikes. Danzig did attempt a takedown at one stage which was well defended by Guillard. There was more of the same in the second round as Danzig continued to play with fire on the feet. That would eventually prove to be very costly indeed when Guillard floored him with a stiff left hook. Danzig desperately tried to roll out of danger, but Guillard pressured him with punches on the mat and then two big blows suddenly switched out Danzig’s lights, handing him a big KO win.

Daron Cruickshank defeats Yves Edwards by split decision (30-27 x2, 27-30)

As expected this one proved to be a striking battle, and a close one at that. Cruickshank was looking to maintain his distance and fire off his slick arsenal of kicks, while Edwards was relentlessly pushing forward, aiming to get in close and land strikes. Over the course of three rounds both men had some success with their respective gameplans, though neither badly hurt the other nor appeared to gain a definitive edge. For the second fight in a row the judges had wildly differing opinions on the winner of this one with Cruickshank somewhat controversially getting the overall nod, and so for those keeping score we’re now onto the fourth split verdict and the night is still young!

Ed Herman defeats Trevor Smith by split decision (30-27, 29-28, 27-30)

Both men were rocked in an action-packed first round here. Herman had some early success in the clinch, then as the broke apart Smith landed a nice shot, but in exchange he had his legs buckled momentarily from a Herman power punch. Soon after it was Smith’s turn to have Herman on wobbly legs with a left then a right. Surprisingly he didn’t continue his assault and Herman was able to recover. They each continued to trade and absorb some big shots for the remainder of the round, and remarkably made it through to the bell. It’s probably just as well for both men’s chins that they weren’t able to connect quite so solidly in the second round, though it wasn’t for a lack of trying. It was fairly close at this stage, but Herman’s work from the clinch was a little more effective and he also scored a late takedown. Both men looked very tired in the final five minutes, but they were still game. Again it was fairly closely fought with Herman pushing the pace more, while Smith landed a couple of good shots late in the round that gave his opponent pause for thought. In the end the judges scorecards varied wildly for this one, leaving us with the third split decision of the evening so far, this time in Herman’s favor.

Germaine de Randamie defeats Julie Kedzie by split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29,

Neither Kedzie or de Randamie were ever able to really take this fight by the scruff of the neck. In the first it was largely a clinch-based affair with de Randamie getting the better of it, appearing stronger and utilizing knees more effectively to the body. In second round they both showed a willingness to stand and trade, and it was apparent that Kedzie was struggling to fight her range, while de Randamie was surprisingly reserved given his striking prowess. Mid-way through the round Kedzie burst forward and secured a takedown. It was a big moment for her in the fight, but she never fully capitalized on it, offering little offense, though she did have top control for the rest of the round. Onto the third and it’s anyone’s fight. Kedzie still struggled to close the distance effectively in the striking exchanges, while de Randamie was doing just enough to edge it. Kedzie looked for the takedown again with a minute to go and landed it, but again didn’t really throw caution to the wind with ground and pound and that may have proved costly as she comes out on the wrong end of a split decision verdict.

Justin Salas defeats Aaron Riley by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Riley was the pressure fighter from start to end here, but he often had trouble finding a home for his strikes as Salas showed good lateral movement throughout the bout. Salas was also working well off the back foot, choosing his moments to spring forward with crisp combos and leaping attacks. By mid-way through the second round Riley was wearing that offensive output on his face, with his nose in particular leaking blood quite heavily at times, forcing him to wipe it frequently. Overall Salas was edging it, but after recovering from an eye-poke mid-way through the final five minutes, Riley actually had his best spell of the fight, first knocking Salas off-balance with a leg kick, then soon after going upstairs with a head kick that connected and left Salas with a major cut. Salas shrugged it off though and was throwing bombs in Riley’s direction as the fight ended, before picking up the decision victory.

Yaotzin Meza defeats John Albert by submission at 2.49mins of Rd2

Great submission battle in the first round between these two as first Meza dropped for a guillotine choke which Albert smoothly escaped, then he returned fire with an armbar. Albert took his time but couldn’t lock it out and Meza escaped only to put him in another guillotine choke from mount towards the end of the round which Albert survived. There was more of the same in the second round as they hit the mat again and before long Albert was threatening with a triangle choke. A couple of minutes ticked by as Albert expended a lot of energy trying to force the tap. Then rather abruptly he seemed to completely gas out and let go, allowing Meza to easily escape and take his back, immediately threatening with a rear-naked choke. Albert defended weakly, but Meza simply flipped him over, rained down a few strikes then sunk in the choke to produce the tap.