Nasrat Haqparast KO’s Joaquim Silva In Second Round At UFC On ESPN 5

Nasrat Haqparast earned himself a big knockout victory over Joaquim Silva tonight at UFC On ESPN 5, flooring him in the second round with a powerful overhand left.

Round One:

Head kick attempt from Silva early. Now a double jab. He goes for a low leg kick. Another kick upstairs from Silva comes off the arm and again soon after.

Straight right for Silva. Now a side kick to the body. Haqparast patient so far. Another kick for Silva and then one low to the leg. One-two combo from Haqparast and then a kick. Body punch for Silva. He tries for a spinning head kick and falls flat on the mat.

Back upright he goes. Haqparast with a head kick attempt now and then a sold punch. Silva throws hard down the pipe.

Body kick for Haqparast. Hard outside leg kick for Silva. Left hand for Haqparast and a leg kick in return from Silva.

Overhand lands for Haqparast. He throws it again just as Silva is trying for a kick and knocks him slightly off-balance. Body kick for Haqparast.

Right and a grazing left for Haqparast. He connects withh another combination. Outside leg kick for Silva and then another.

Silva coming up short with punches in the closing seconds of the round and then a head kick from Haqparast that’s only just blocked.

Round Two:

High kicks from Silva are blocked and then a counter punch lands for Haqparast. Spinning kick from Silva as Haqparast goes for a leg kick.

Suddenly Haqparast lands a powerful overhand left and it sends Silva thudding to the canvas. Haqparast swarms him as Silva weakly goes to his knees and as more punches land the referee waves off the fight, handing Haqparast an impressive KO victory at 0.36mins of the second round.

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