Alex Caceres Submits Seung Woo Choi In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 196

Alex Caceres had to suffer through some tough moments against the hard-hitting Seung Woo Choi tonnight at UFC Fight Night 196, but he seized the moment in the second round to turn things around by hopping onto his opponent’s back and sinking in a fight-ending choke.

Round One:

Choi attempts a head kick to start this misses. Kick from Caceres. Hard leg kick from Caceres. Caceres looking for a body punch. Choi threatens again with a head kick that comes up short.

Caceres with a front kick upstairs that just misses, but does land a punch behind it to maintain distance.

Exchange of punches in the center of the Octagon. Hard right hand gets through from Choi.

Caceres goes for a kick and Choi drops him with a big punch down the pipe. Choi follows him down looking for ground-and-pound.

Caceres trying to work his way back to his feet, but then Choi lands a knee to the face while he’s still grounded, which forces an immediate stoppage for that illegal blow.

Caceres wobbly as he gets back to his feet here. He gets time to recover and is able to continue, but not before Choi is deducted a point for that illegal blow.

Back to fighting they go. Missed head kick from Choi. Body kick from Caceres. Low kick from Caceres. Body kick for Choi.

Another kick from Caceres. Choi short with a punch flurry. Body kick from Caceres. Hooks from Choi as Caceres looked for another kick.

Caceres just misses on a check hook as Choi was looking to find a home for punches. Clinch position now and Caceres lands a couple of body punches and then backs out.

Straight right lands flush for Choi. Body kick for him. Body kick for Caceres. Another counter punch from Choi. Choi lands another hurtful blow that staggers Caceres a little, but he’s ok. Caceres lands a side kick to the body just as the horn sounds.

Round Two:

Body kicks from Choi. Missed side kick to the body from Caceres. Head kick from Choi just up short. Caceres misses with a high kick.

Caceres works Choi up against the cage, but Choi is quickly away and throwing another hard kick. leg kick for Caceres.

Caceres gets back into the clinch against the cage. Choi able to push him away and lands a body kick. MIssed head kick.

Flurry of punches from Choi, with the final right hand being the one that connects. Right hand for Choi. Head kick lands for Choi, but Caceres eats it.

Hard stepping left hand from Caceres. Body kick for Choi and throws punches behind it that Caceres steps away from, then comes back in, clinches his opponents back and then is able to hop onto Choi’s back close to the cage.

Caceres working for a rear-naked choke and Choi falls to his knees. Caceres cinches up the choke fully and soon after Choi taps out! Big come-from-behind victory for Caceres to take his current winning streak to five fights!

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