Andrei Arlovski Beats Carlos Felipe By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 195

42-year-old Arlovski continues to defy the aging process by picking up another win the heavyweight division tonight at UFC Fight Night 195 against Carlos Felipe.

Round One

Arlovski with a high body kick. Now one to the calf. He works a kick to the body and then an oblique kick.

Body kick for Arlovski as he continues to work from range and chips away with a variety of kicks. Felipe loads up on punches, but comes up short. Body punch from Felipe.

Inside leg kick for Arlovski. Arlovski short with punches, but then lands a heavy body kick. Punch from Felipe. Now a couple more, not quite landing flush, but backing up Arlovski.

Arlovski with more leg kicks. Punches don’t find the mark, but a body kick does. Inside leg kick from Felipe and then a right hand. Now a punch to the body from Felipe.

Body kick from Arlovski as Felipe tried to counter with a punch. Right hand from Arlovski. Outside leg kick for Felipe. Looping right hand from Arlovski.

Solid jab for Arlovski. Two hard right hands for him and then a head kick attempt. Low kick from Arlovski. Felipe with a body punch.

Short flurry of punches from Arlovski. Another punch lands and then ducks under a winging blow from Felipe.

Low kick for Arlovski. Another flurry of punches and then a kick behind it. A jab lands just as the round draws to a close.

Round Two:

Leg kicks for Arlovski. Body kick for Felipe and then a punch to the midsection behind it. Arlovski with a few punches. Felipe talking trash now as he tries to lure Arlovski into a brawl.

Both men exchanging now, but then Arlovski gets his range back and works some solid kicks. Spinning backfist attempt from Arlovski is blocked. Hard punch from Felipe. Felipe slinging heavy leather, but just missing.

Felipe does land a calf kick. Now a solid calf kick from Arlovski. Another kick and Felipe throws a kick of his own.

Uppercut from Arlovski. Now a low kick that’s checked. Right hook from Felipe as Arlovski was working straight punches. Right hand from Arlovski.

Grazing right hook from Felipe. Body kick for Arlovski. And again. Now a jab and right hand behind it.

Felipe into the clinch and presses Arlovski against the cage. Arlovski moves away. He tries to keep Felipe at bay with jabs, but Felipe comes forward anyway and starts to get some flurries going, but Arlovski takes it and just as the round is ending he throws a spinning elbow that partially lands.

Round Three:

Leg kicks exchanged. felipe with a body punch. Felipe just comes up short with a hard punch. Arlovski with a flurry, but not much speed behind it as he shows signs of tiring.

Felipe lands a solid combination. Arlovski complaining about something. Fight goes on and Felipe lands another brief flurry of punches.

Jab from Arlovski. Body punch from Felipe and then tries to come upstairs. Right hand from Arlovski and Felipe shakes his head.

Felipe misses with a tired punch to the body, then tries to go upstairs. Solid jab from Arlovski and a leg kick.

Another leg kick from Arlovski, but that seemed to hurt him and he drops to the mat. Felipe follows him down and as Arlovski gets to his knees he chips away with some punches.

Arlovski able to get back to his feet, but Felipe remains int the clinch. Arlovski getting a breather, then pulls away.

Arlovski with a combination of punches. Sloppy overhand from Felipe does connect and then a better one behind it, but Arlovski takes it.

Brief clinch position and Arlovski lands a knee. Felipe with a punch and then back into the clinch against the cage.

Final 40 seconds. Ref separate them quickly. Arlovski with a nice three-piece combo. Now a high kick attempt. Felipe fires off a left hook. Right hand for Felipe and then in the final couple of seconds Arlovski walks away with his hands raised in apparent celebration, believing he’s done enough to win by decision.


Arlovski looked good earlier in this fight as he stayed active on the outside, but Felipe started to get more into the action the longer the bout went on as he let his hands go more.

In the end though it proved not to be enough from Felipe, with Arlovski emerging the unanimous decision victor (29-28 x3).

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