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Kazula Vergas Disqualified Against Brok Weaver at UFC Fight Night 167

A good start by Kazula Vergas against Brok Weaver tonight at UFC Fight Night 167 was soon marred by an illegal knee that led to a disqualification ruling.

Round One:

Leg kick for Weaver as he presses forward. Another lands. Winging punch from Vergas misses. Body kick from Weaver, but it’s caught and he almost gets in trouble from that.

Vergas pressing Weaver against the cage. Now Vergas goes for a takedown and lands it. Body punches from Vergas as Weaver has his back to the fence.

Weaver working a guillotine choke and drops back with it. It looks tight, but Vergas manages to get his head out.

More body punches for Kazula. Weaver manages to stand up with just over a minute of the round remaining. Vergas looking for the takedown and Weaver is trying for a kimura as he goes back to the mat.

Vergas throws an illegal knee and Weaver is knocked out briefly by it. That’s a real shame and this fight is over – Vergas is going to be disqualified and Weaver will emerge with a win.

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