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Stefan Struve Back Sparring For The First Time Since Heart Problem

It’s been a good week for UFC heavyweight fighter Stefan Struve as he’s been able to spar for the first time since doctor’s discovered he had a heart condition earlier this year.

“First time sparring since February of this year, finally ,” Struve wrote on Twitter.

“Timing was a bit off but it felt amazing to do what I love doing again. Not feeling anything different than before. On my [way] to that comeback!”

Struve has been taking medication for some time now after learning that he had a leaking aortic valve and enlarged heart.  Until now he hadn’t been allowed to train, but last week doctor’s said that he could start doing so again after seeing a significant improvement in his condition.

However, he’s still under close supervision and he’s not yet got the all-clear to get back into the Octagon.  Doctor’s are likely to continue assessing him over a period of months now that he’s resumed training and will decide how to proceed based on the results of that.

If all goes well it’s possible he could be back fighting sometime next year, but for now it’s just a case of one step at a time, and no doubt ‘The Skyscraper’ will be relieved that as things stand the door hasn’t been completely shut on a return to the sport he’s dedicated his life too.

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