5 things to consider after this weekend: The Aftermath Articles

Everyone could guess there was going to be some sort of a finish in the UFC 180 main event between one of the best strikers and one of the best grapplers. Not many could guess the way it was finished. Even more could guess that Tito Ortiz and Stepahn Bonnar we going to look slow and lethargic with skills degrading faster than Miley Cyrus’s dignity.  We are not fortune tellers though, we only make logical conclusions based on a multitude of factors.  We must take everything into consideration before we put our thoughts in writing for the public to dissect, tear, apart or validate.  Here are five things to take into consideration for the future of MMA.

Living in the mountain west areas of Colorado and Wyoming Gaelan developed a passion for MMA at an early age. From watching to training and now writing he loves all aspects of the sport. He hopes to continue bringing the purest form of competition to every household across the globe.