Six Most Promising UFC Fighters With a Big Year Ahead

Mitch Gagnon

Hailing from Canada, Gagnon made his UFC debut in a losing effort against Bryan Caraway at UFC 149 in July 2012.

That has been the only blight on the 29-year-old’s UFC career so far as he has won four straight fights following his Octagon debut.

Some of those fighters may not have been big names – his last two victories came against fighters making their UFC debuts – but it can’t be denied that Gagnon has improved during his time in the big leagues.

Out of the bantamweight’s four UFC victories, three of them come via first-round finishes, which is extraordinary for a fighter in the lighter weight divisions.

Because of that, it is likely Gagnon’s next fight will be against a tougher opponent in the UFC Bantamweight division’s top ten.

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