The Five Most Brutal Knockout Losses Of Alistair Overeem’s Career

When No. 10-ranked UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem came into the UFC on an 11-fight unbeaten streak back in 2011, he brought with him the hype of being the Strikeforce, DREAM, and K-1 Grand Prix champion all at once.

“The Reem” got the party started right with a UFC 141 TKO finish of former champion Brock Lesnar, but from that point on, it hasn’t been the most smooth of paths for Overeem. In fact, he’s failed to finish another fight since that day, with his only win being a lackluster UFC 169 decision over aging former champion Frank Mir.

But he has also seen his share of knockout losses. With a 2-3 record in the Octagon, his inconsistency has him on the brink of being labeled the biggest bust in UFC history. There’s no question that Overeem has perhaps the most technically diverse striking in the heavyweight division, but he also may have one of its worst chins, which is a sure sign for disaster.

With the stoppages mounting, let’s take a look at Overeem’s five most brutal knockout losses.


  1. “it became painfully obvious that Rua’s Muay Thai was the far superior skillset on that day.

    Overeem quickly found out that he couldn’t strike with Rua, succumbing to the vaunted ground and pound of the surging young Grand Prix champion.”

    Shogun couldn’t do anything on the feet with Overeem which is why he had to take him down in both fights.

  2. Poorly written piece of crap that the journalist didn’t know much about. Shogun was getting dominated in the stand up. He was desperately trying to pull Overeem to the ground. Same thing with Liddell.. Overeem dominated him, cut him with a knee, and dropped him with a punch. Overeem simply gassed and got cracked with an overhand right.

  3. “A huge fan of MMA since the ‘Dark Ages’ of the UFC” Really? Because this list suggests otherwise, I and others clearly as well doubt you ever even watched the Reem vs. Shogun/Liddel fights, your analysis of those fights is terrible. As for the list itself, What was brutal about the Rothwell loss? Or the Browne loss? His loss to Kharitonov was pretty brutal and embarrassing to get knocked out old while running away.

  4. WTF Philip?? Did you ever watch the fight with Rua? They were both pretty good on the feet. Traded with some nice punches and kicks. There was no Rua’s dominance on the feet. Reem had better footwork, better clinch game, better knees. Reem got KO’ed with devastating GnP after Rua’s awesome guardpassing and soccerkicking.

  5. Poorly written piece of doo doo and lack of MMA knowledge. Kharitonov’s KO win over Overeem was the most damaging, devastating, and hilariously embarrassing for Reem as well. I will never forget Overeem doing the chicken-run while out on his feet after that hook from Sergei. And Sergei just followed him across the ring to put him down with one more shot, like a boss.


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