The Five Most Brutal Knockout Losses Of Alistair Overeem’s Career


1.) “Bigfoot” Silva – UFC 156:

Overeem took on fellow Strikeforce veteran Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC 156 in February 2013, and he was winning the first two rounds by most accounts. He wasn’t blowing Silva out of the water like most expected him too, but he was in control.

However, in the third round, an apparently tired (or perhaps cocky) Overeem dropped his hands to his sides, opening a window for Silva to plaster him with a devastating combo that blew up UFC highlight reels last year.

This was a fight that was supposed to get Overeem back into the heavyweight title picture. Instead, it started the massive decline that he’s still experiencing right now.

“Bigfoot” moved on to fight heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez for the belt at UFC 160, losing in the first round without much resistance.

Not a good sign of things to come for “The Reem.”

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