The Five Most Brutal Knockout Losses Of Alistair Overeem’s Career

The Guard Past: A look back on the evening that was UFC Fight ...

3.) Travis Browne – UFC Fight Night 26:

The surging Travis “Hapa” Browne nearly fell victim to the dangerous Muay Thai skills of Overeem at UFC Fight Night 26 in Boston after a bevy of knees to the midsection had him on the ground eating big shots.

But somehow Browne persevered to get back to his feet, nailing a stationary Overeem with a massive front kick that crumpled him to the canvas for an easy come-from-behind finish. “The Reem” had Browne right where he wanted him, but he couldn’t finish the deal, and once again, he paid the ultimate price for it.

Browne went on to destroy Josh Barnett at UFC 168 before getting picked apart by Fabricio Werdum at UFC on FOX 11, proving that Overeem is literally light years away from the top UFC heavyweights.

Of all of Overeem’s recent losses, this one had to be the toughest one for him to stomach because he had Browne in so much trouble. Yet he shrugged it off to keep signing on to big fights, only to get knocked out again last week.

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