Top 4 UFC Prospects to Watch in 2015

The UFC has already had a tumultuous 2015 and it’s only February. A huge January full of spectacular fights and the biggest names in MMA cumulated in one of the most anticipated bouts in the history of the sport. The consensus greatest of all time Anderson Silva faced off against fan favourite and perennial enigma Nick Diaz. The high profile event topped off the most successful month for the UFC in over a year, the time was finally now. However just days after the event took place, it emerged that both Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz had failed drug tests. The Nevada State athletic commission will decide their punishments later this month but it’s safe to say neither man will grace the octagon again this year.

The hits kept coming, Chris Weidman suffered a rib injury and had to pull out of his highly anticipated title fight with Vitor Belfort. Hector Lombard failed a drug test and was pulled from his number one contender fight with Rory McDonald. With no sign of George St. Pierre returning anytime soon, the UFC is badly in need of some new star power. The good news for the UFC is that there are always new fighters on the way up, some will make it while some will fall by the way side. For every Conor McGregor who reaches his potential and becomes a huge draw, there is a Brandon Vera who never quite reaches the dizzying heights that were predicted.

Let’s take a look at some of the top up and coming talent that could become the UFC stars of tomorrow.

Philip hails from Dublin in Ireland and has been a fan of mixed martial arts for many years. Working as a filmmaker and a writer Philip covers the UFC across all mediums. He is a firm believer that the raw passion and visceral nature of unarmed combat makes mixed martial arts the greatest sport in the world.