Four Reasons Mark Hunt Won’t Win The Interim Title At UFC 180

Mark Hunt and the power-punching contenders to the heavyweight ...

So Hunt’s chance at glory is tantalizingly close, but the odds may be against him winning the interim heavyweight title this Saturday night.

Werdum is an elite heavyweight; one who appears to be at the height of his skills at just the right time. That’s not to take away from any of Hunt’s accomplishments, because he’s racked up an impressive resume of high quality knockouts over the past three years.

But anytime a fighter steps into a title shot in short notice, they’re usually at a disadvantage even if their opponent hasn’t been able to previously train at the high altitude of the fight’s location.

Hunt has the all-important knockout punch at his disposal, but Werdum may be too smart and too technical to get caught.

With both fighters bringing a ton of momentum into UFC 180, who is your pick to win the interim belt? Let us know in the comments below?