Does he deserve a title shot? 5 Fighters From UFC 178

MMA: UFC 178-Cruz vs Mizugaki | MMAjunkie

1. Does Dominick Cruz deserve his tittle shot after only one fight back?

That was not a fight, that was a one-sided beat down. Cruz made Mizugaki miss his first six punches, then made him pay for at least half of those misses. His one takedown was not a long struggle to drag Takeya to the ground sort of affair.  Cruz lifted him off his feat and slammed him, hard.  Mizugaki had not been finished in almost eight years.  Oddly enough that is about the same amount of time in-between Dominick’s last TKO and his 178 performance. Taking out a top five fighter, in only a minute, after a three-year layoff is enough to prove that Dominick deserves a shot at a title he never truly lost.  This was the best Dominick Cruz the UFC has ever seen. Yes he deserves a chance at getting his belt back. Dillashaw looked like a younger, stronger version of Cruz.  That is, until Cruz came back. Comparing the two now, Dillashaw got tagged way too many times in his fight with Joe Soto to be legitimately compared to the dominator. Cruz has a fire burning inside and the fact that his title is around a member of team Alpha Male only adds fuel. Getting injured might just be the worst and best thing to ever happen to his fighting career.

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