Does he deserve a title shot? 5 Fighters From UFC 178

Demetrious Johnson vs Chris Cariaso full fight video highlights

5.  Is Demetrious Johnson ready for a title shot…at bantamweight?

He has about two more fights before he needs to move back up. I think Demetrious Johnson finally has that aura of invincibility. There was a point in the first round where Cariaso gave up and was mentally broken. Once a fighter gets to that point in a fight it is only a matter of time.  Ali Bagautinov and Joseph Benavidez truly believed they could beat the champion.  Now though, he is starting to beat people even before they even step in the cage. The only intriguing match is a rematch with John Dodson and maybe The winner of Ian McCall and John Lineker. After that he should make a run for a second title . He is close to cleaning out his division. The UFC and Johnson should give the flyweights time to sort out a few true contenders. It wouldn’t take a lot of wins at bantamweight to earn a title shot, considering he already fought at bantamweight and he only has two loses there. With wins against Assuncao, Dillashaw, Cruz, Faber, or Barao he can try to be the fourth two divisional champion.

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