Does he deserve a title shot? 5 Fighters From UFC 178

UFC 178 results: Conor McGregor KOs Dustin Poirier early in Round 1

3.  Is Conor McGregor ready for a title shot?

To put it simply, he looked good, but not good enough to earn a title shot. Right off the bat any viewer should be able to tell that Dustin was emotional going into the fight. That played right into Conor’s strength even before the opening bell. The problem is, all the guys ranked above Conor are not going to get emotional. Anyone in the top five knows better and that tactic won’t work. The other problem is he took at least six leg kicks from Poirier. Six leg kicks from Aldo are game changing.  Most of the top five also don’t have that cliche Thai boxing movement he was discrediting after the fight.  If Dustin can tag him as many times as he did Frankie Edgar will have little trouble getting in and out.  Frankie can also take big shots from big lightweights so McGregor can’t rely on his punching power alone to get the job done. One more great performance against any of the top six and he can make a legitimate claim. Edgar, Bermudez, Mendes, and Swanson are all big names and have their own unique problems. Solve one of those puzzles, and he can’t be denied.

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