UFN 53-54 Aftermath: 5 fighters poised for greatness in 2015


Timing, Ability, Circumstance, in the MMA world they all mean the same thing.  Nothing is guaranteed in this sport. All of these attributes can be in your favor, but a bad game plan or a mid fight injury can change everything.  They can be poised for greatness but that doesn’t guarantee gold belts, just potential.  No fighter is perfect, not Anderson Silva not Jon Jones and not The Last Emperor, Fedor Emelianenko.  Our greatest glory is not even never falling, but in rising every time we do.  When we rise we learn and when we learn we improve.  For this article greatness is being defined as continued improvement.  Will all or any of the mentioned fighters be champions by next year?  Probably not, but they will be in a much better position this time next year if they keep doing what they are doing.  In no particular order keep your eyes on these next five fighters.


  1. 1. UFC 53 was like 9 years ago
    2. Rosa is a scrub.
    3. Siver is a great striker but very one-dimensional in a division full of well-rounded fighters.
    4. Needs more Nurmagomedov

    5. Lack of McGregor = Fail. The kid’s legit!

  2. this article is about 20% good. Rory,
    Others that should’ve made it obviously- Conor, Rose Namajunas, Brandon Thatch, and I’m thinking Jacare

  3. Take another look at the headline Ian – it only relates to fighters who fought on the UFC Fight Night 53 + 54 cards.


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