Top 10 Submission Finishes in the UFC (Videos)

Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg 2, UFC 52

At the time Dana White called this the best ever fight he had ever seen, and with good reason as while it lasted less than a round this played out like a Hollywood blockbuster.

Hughes was the dominant welterweight champion at the time and already had a win over Trigg under his belt, yet found himself in real danger of an early upset defeat in the first round as Trigg came on strong and had him hurt before almost choking him out with a guillotine choke.

Despite his face practically going purple, Hughes somehow managed to hang on in there and escape, then immediately scooped Trigg up and ran right across the Octagon with him hoisted on his shoulder before slamming him down to the mat.

The crowd went wild as Hughes then got into full mount and rained down vicious ground and pound, before taking his back and sinking in the fight-ending rear-naked choke.

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