Top 10 Submission Finishes in the UFC (Videos)

 Frank Mir vs Tim Sylvia, UFC 48

Frank Mir is no stranger to applying nasty fight-ending submission in the UFC, and his fight with Tim Slyvia at UFC 48 was a prime example of it.

Early in the first round Sylvia looked for the takedown, but found himself in danger as Mir locked up an armbar attempt from his back and did his damnedest to try to take that limb home with him.

He almost succeeded as there was a sickening moment as Sylvia’s arm clearly began to bend the wrong way! It later emerged that Sylvia had suffered a snapped forearm, but, remarkably, at the time he seemed oblivious and attempted to pick up Mir and slam him before continuing to fight.

Referee, Herb Dean saw what had happened though and he frantically shouted, “Stop! Stop! Stop! The Fight is over,” as he rushed in to ensure Sylvia’s limb would remain attached to his body.

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