Top 10 Submission Finishes in the UFC (Videos)

Frank Shamrock vs Kevin Jackson, UFC Japan

We go back in time to UFC Japan in 1997 now to relive one of the quickest submission ever inside the Octagon courtesy of Frank Shamrock.

Jackson had won the UFC’s middleweight tournament just a few months before and the title was up for grabs as they met this time in the UFC’s first ever visit to Japan.

Jackson was in no mood to slowly feel his way into this fight and almost immediately charged forward and took Shamrock to the mat. Unfortunately for him, Shamrock was equally as impatient to get the party started and he immediately threw up an armbar submission that produced an almost instantaneous tap with just 16 seconds gone!

Shamrock would go on to defend his new title four times before throwing a major spanner in the works by opting to vacate his title and leave the promotion, never to return.

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