Top 10 Submission Finishes in the UFC (Videos)

Chan Sung Jung vs Leonard Garcia II, UFN 24

There’s few things more fun to watch in MMA than a very rare, highly technical submission move being perfectly executed in the heat of competition and that’s just what fans were treated to at UFC Fight Night 24 by Chan Sung Jung, better known by his alias ‘The Korean Zombie’.

While TKZ was best known at the time for his original all-time classic stand-up slugfest with leonard Garcia in the WEC, this time around he had everyone buzzing with his ability on the mat.

Jung took Garcia’s back and then with only 10 seconds of the round remaining cleverly locked up all the elements of ‘The Twister’ submission (which he later claimed he’d learned by watching BJJ expert Eddie Bravo on YouTube!). Garcia is as tough as they come, but as Jung cranked on it his spine was under such pressure that he couldn’t hold on until the final bell and had to tap out.

It was the first time the move had ever been successfully applied in the UFC and it won ‘The Korean Zombie’ the ‘Submission Of The Year’ award for 2011.

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